Australia Lai nungak Note Palik nih an Kawl Cuahmah Rih

Australia i a ummi Lai Nungak note cu a tlau i Australia Palik nih thawngthanhnak tiang an tuah cang. Tu tiang thawngpang a um rih lo tiah theih a si. Australia ram,Melbourne khua i a tlaumi tiah palik nih thawngthanhnak an tuahmi nu hi Malsawmzual a si. Kum 16 te lawng a si. June 1 khan Melbourne, Ringwood area ah khan a donghnak bik an hmuh a si.

Hi kong he pehtlaiin a chungle (family) le palik lei an lungre a thei tuk cang. A kum hi hngakchia te a si pin ah a ngandamnak (medical codition) kong he pehtlaiin lungretheihnak tampi a um. A hmanthlak hi Australia Palik bak nih an langhter i a mah umnak konglam a thei tu nih a rannak in Ringwood Palik zung 9871 3000 ah contact tuah colh dingin thawngthanh a si. A nih hi mi der, sam bak le a mit kawfi zawng a si.

  • Sergeant Megan Stefanec
  • Media Officer
  • 79804/2019

A tanglei ah Mirang ca in Victoria Police Department nih an langhter zong a um lai.

Police are appealing for public assistance to help locate missing Ringwood teenager Mal Sawnzual.The 16-year-old was last seen in the Ringwood area on 1 June. Police and family members have concerns for Mal’s welfare due to her age and a medical condition. An image of Mal has been released in the hope someone recognises her and can provide information about her whereabouts.

Mal is of Asian appearance, slim build, with shoulder length black hair and brown eyes. She is known to frequent the western and eastern suburbs.Anyone who sees Mal or has information about her whereabouts is urged to contact Ringwood Police Station on 9871 3000.

Sergeant Megan Stefanec

Media Officer

79804/2019, Source: Victoria Police Department

Hi kong hi rel chap. A tha kho tak tak.

Vawleicung Mirum Bik Jeff Bezos Nih Midang Nih An Ngeih Ve Lo Mi Thil A Ngeihmi

Vawleicung mirum bik Jeff Bezos cu kan theih cio. Amazon CEO asi i, $150 billion bak a ngeih i a rum tak tak, vawlei chawva lei in cun. A thil ngeihmi ttha tak tak mi hna hi zohve hmanh.

1. Amazon Webiste

Amazon cu vawleicung online thil cawknak caah a lar cemmi le a ngan bik mi asi. Jeff Bezos nih 1994 in a thawk i, a tu cu vawleicung company a ngan bik mi pakhat asi cang.

2. Human Spaceflight

Blue Origin timi vawlei leng chuahnak vanlawng lei company a dirh tu pakhat asi ve. Hi company caah hin $1 billion bak investment a tuah ve. A rianttuantu pawl nih vawlei leng ah minit 11 hrawng tal an i nuamhnak hnga asi. Cun aa tinhmi pakhat cu minung hi vawlei leng i dam te i chuah ter hi asi.

3. Kum 140 a hlunmi tadinca

Jeff nihhin vawleicung i a lar bik mi le a hlun bikmi tadinca The Washington Post tadinca a ngeih. Kum 140 bak i a hlun mi asi i, zuar duh sehlaw man fak tak tak ah aa cang kho.

4. Grocery Market

Whole Foods Market timi US i a nichiar hmanmi cawknak dawr ngan tak tak cu amah ta bak asi. A rum khawh ning.

5. Private Jet

Mirum mi nihcun Private Jet hi cu an ngei pah ko nain Jeff Bezos ta bantuk cu an ngei bak lo. Private jet zongah a rum tak tak mi a ngeih. $65 million man bak a ngeih.

Hi kong hi rel chap.

Sung Tin Par nih Fashion Photo Shoot Phun bak in Dawh Tak tak a Van Phomh Cang

Sung Tin Par nih dawh tak tak in Fashion photo shoot a van tuah. Sung Tin Par hi laimi lawng siloin kawlram pumpi nih theihmi hlasakthiam minthang a si. Tutan ah Fashion photoshoot phun in hman aa thla. Hi hmanthlak hi Iheartchin nih a van langhtermi a si. Hi hmanthlak hi magazine cover ca maw a si ti belte fiang tein theih a si lo.

Aa dawh kho tak tak. Nutung si hnu zong ah a cuai lo hih.

Black and white bak in a van phomh.

Aa rem law law ko hih. Midangpi hna a lo pah deng.

Rem kho tak tak khi a si ko. 

Hi zong hi aa rem kho tak tak.

Hmanthla tu zong a thiam hrim ko. Aa dawh kho tak tak. 

Rem law law khi a si ko.


Hi kong hi rel chap. 

Live bak in Sung Tin Par nih dawh tak tak in Pathian Thangtthatnak Hla a Sak

Kan lai hlasakthiam lawng siloin Kawlram pumpi i hlasakthiam Sung Tin Par hi cu uar a um kho tuk. Fa a neih hnu tiang zong a aw hi a mak peng. A aw hi a cuai kho bak lo. A tanglei hla hi naite i a sakmi a  si. A thiam kho tak tak. Live bak in van phomh.

Hi hla hi Pi Ngun Par memorial biakinn luhnak program i a sakmi a si. Kawlam pumpi Vice President Pu Henry Van Thio le a nupi hmai ah dawh tak tak in a sak. 

Hlasakthiam minthang kan ti hrat cu nutung a si hnu tiang zong ah a aw hi a mak peng ko. Tanglei ah a hlasaknak a um lai. A thiam kho tak tak.

Sung Tin Par nih Pathian thangtthatnak hla a sakmi hi tha tein rak ngai. Pathian sungparnak caah i  a sakmi hi aa dawh kho tak tak.

A tanglei ah video a um lai. A mak law law.

Live bak in Sung Tin Par nih dawh tak tak in Pathian Thangtthatnak Hla a Sak (Video).

Credit: Pathian Biatak

Hi Kong hi rel chap. A tha kho tak tak.

Chin Idol lio hrawng khan Kawlram hlasakthiam minthang Sung Tin Par cu Hakha Net hna nih Interview an tuah. Interview an tuahnak ah hin Sung Tin Par Hakha a rak um lio, a hngakchiat lio le tuchan sining aa thleng maw? tiah biahal a si.

Sung Tin Par nih hlanlio Hakha khua le minung khuasak ning (living Standard) tampi a chim. Nihchuak tampi aa tel. A thluak hrim a ttha , tling tein a chim. Hlanlio video zoh a laar lio i video an rak zoh tawn ning tiang a chim. Nih a chuak tak tak. Tanglei ah video ka vun chiah mi hi ttha tein zoh ve tuah.

Sung Tin Par Laimi nh kan ngei hi cu kan van a ttha tak tak. A mui zong a za bak ko, hlasak zong si sehlaw a thiam tak tak, uar um tuk a si ko. A tu tiang zong in a thiam tak tak rih fawn.

Credit: CCN Channel 

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