Chin Mi Thawng

Chin ram khel ralkap hna bawm khawh nak ding ah “TUMI” Ticket pakhat ah $5 in Lucky test khawh asi cang,

Chin ram caah ramkhel tuah mi CDM staffs hna le ramkhel tuah chung ah ralzam mi hna bawm khawhnak ding ah tiah “TUMI” ticket tuah mi cu, May thla in thawh asi cang Ticket pakhat ah US $5 in lucky test khawh asi cang lai tiah, Fund raising pawl “Chin Relief Funding Program (CRFP) sin in thawng theih asi, May thla 31 ah avawikhatnak ding ah Open withdrawal tuah asi lai! First Prize ah $1,000 laksong, Second Prize ah $300 laksong, Third prize ah $250 laksong, Fourth prize ah $200 laksong, Fifth prize ah $125 tiin laksong ngah ding ah upa hna nih an tuaktan mi asi tiah theih asi.

TUMI ticket hi ramkhel hna caah fund kawlnak long si lo in, Chin ram acoyah arak chuah khawh hnu ah Federal Democracy adir khawhnak hnga timtahnak pakhat asi fawn, Federal Financial system pakhat bantuk in tlamtlin khawhnak ding ah “TUMI” lucky ticket tuah mi hi system pakhat tlamtlinnak le thazang thawnnak le ramkhel hna caah, aherh mi tete ah hman ding fund bawmchantu pakhat zong asi, Federal democracy aduh mi poh le Chin ramkhel hna thazang peknak asi caah ticket cawk ceu ding in fawrhnak he nawl ceu kan si.

Mah hnu ah TUMI lucky ticket hi Chin state pumpi nih aherh mi thil ah tlamtling in rian an tuan khawhnak hnga le fund kawlnak ding ah tuah mi TUMI lucky ticket kan Chin ram caah zei maw tal tuah ve nan si timi theih bu in, thazang rak chuah ceu ding ah nawl nan si pin ah, bia tak tein sawmchih nan si tiin “Chin Relief Funding Program” chung tuan mi le chimnak nawlngeitu Salai Do Khar nih Yangon Khit Thit Media ah atu bantuk in thawng arak thanh mi asi.

Avawi 5 nak ah cun Prize atam ko cang lai, The first draw will be opened on May 5th, and it is known that the first prize – $4,500, second prize – $4, third prize – $4, fourth prize – $3,500, fifth prize.

TUMI Lucky ph-Application cu Android ph- ah:

Zong ah iphone ah,  download tuah in lucky ticket cu zoh khawh ceu asi, tangka peknak ding ah, ah hin lut khawh asi, cawk khawh asi cang tiah theih asi.

TUMI lucky ticket ramkhel tuah chung ah fund kawlnak caah temporary theihhngalh ding ah min bunh mi asi, Chin ram acoyah arak chuah ah cun Federal Lottery in Chin Federal acoyah kut ah ap asi lai tiah CRFP nih achim mi asi.

Atanglei ah mirang in,  avawi 5 nak ah cun Prize zong atam ko cang lai,

The Hammered Lottery program which is planned to provide funds to the Chinese Revolutionary Forces, CDM staff and to receive funds to the refugees of war during the revolution period will start from May and can start with a chance of Rs. 10,000 per piece. From Chin Relief Funding Program (CRFP).

Avawi 5 nak ah cun Prize atam ko cang lai, The first draw will be opened on May 5th, and it is known that the first prize – $4,500, second prize – $4, third prize – $4, fourth prize – $3,500, fifth prize.

“Hammer lottery is not only about raising funds for the revolution, but also intended to submit to the government as the official federal lottery when the Chin State government comes to power, so hammer lottery is a pre-test implementation of a federal financial system” Since it is an effort to make the year successful, it is also a supplement to the necessary funds for the Chinese Revolutionary Forces, I would like to urge everyone who wants the federal system and anyone who wants to strengthen the Chinese Revolutionary Force should do it.

After all, the lotto is for the whole Chin, so the lottery is for the whole China. I would like to ask everyone to give me a lottery ticket as I encourage the need with a brick sand. “Salaidokhar, the spokesman of Chin Relief Funding Program, said to Yangon Modern News Department.

It has been known that Tumee Lottery Phone Application can be downloaded and installed on Android phones via and iPhone via

You can go to to make a deposit and you can buy lottery tickets at

CRFP said that Tumee Lottery is a temporary name for raising funds during the revolution and if the new Chin Pyi government emerges, it will be handed over to the Chin Federal Government as Federal Lottery.