Zualko (RIP): Pu San Mawi Nikhuai nih ruah lo tuk in Mual a kan liam tak (BREAKING NEWS)

Breaking News: Ralkap nih Chin Ramkulh Ukhruainak lei Chairman ah an thim mi Pu San Mawi Nikhuai cu February 11 zing ah lung zawtnak in a nunnak a liam tiah theih a si. Source: The Hakha Times. Pu San Mawi Nikhuai thihnak kong he pehtlaiin Salai Bawi Lian Mang nih cun hi ti hin a langhter.  ‘Chin mipi nih mi zia tha kan sung. Terrence San Mawi Ni Khuai cu tuzing khan lungtor zawtnak in mual an kan liam tak.

Annih hi Chin State Supreme Court Judge ah NLD cozah 2016 March in 2021 March tiang rian a tuan. Kan hnu naite khan Ralkap lei (Military State Administration Council (SAC)) nih Chin State SAC Chief caah an thim. An chim ning ah amah hi Ralkap nih rian khinhmi SAC ChinState Chief i iphuah maw/ Chin mipi caah tha deuh tanpi khawh nak ding tu ah rian i phuah lo i um timi karlak ah a lung a buai ngai ngai ti a si.

Zahan khan Hakha mipi le cozah rianttuan pawl nih a zung pawng ah lamzawhnak an ngeih lio ah khan mipi democracy caah lam a zawhmi hna cu a zung thlalangawng in a rak zoh ve hna. Hihi a donghnak amah kan hmuh hi a si. May His Soul Rest IN Peace. Mirang ca i tialmi : The Chin People lost a good man. Terrence San Mawi Ni Khuai just passesd away this morning from heart attack. He was Chin State Supreme Court Judge during NLD government from 2016 March to 2021 January.

He was recently appointed by Military State Administration Council (SAC) as Chin State SAC chief. It was said that he was torn between resigning from his post as SAC ChinState Chief or staying there to better serve the Chin people. When the people of Hakha marched near his office yesterday and joined by several government employees, he was last seen looking at the people marching for democracy from his office window. May his soul Rest In Peace! Source: Salai Bawi Lian Mang