Atutan theih kaunak lei ah SU-57 le Typhon ral dohnak Jet fighter Europe ram nih tha bik ah an ngei mi athar in thlen atimhnak kong,

Su-57 hi Russia tuah mi PAK FA avawi 5 nak Jet fighter asi, Su-57 Jet hi Nato hna min in Felon tiah an ti, Su-57 nih hin engine 2 ngeih mi asi-i, mui tlauter khawh, fawite in mui hmuhkhawh asi lo mi Jet fighter asi, raldohnak ding ah hman nuam ngai mi le aduh mi target zong fawite in kah fuh khawh mi Jet asi lai, Russia nih an thiamnak fiangte in alanghter mi asi, atu ah mah Jet hi atha bik mi le achung ah tlamtling tein thilri herh mi hna aken chih dih khi asi.

Multi-mission thiamnak, amah chung ah thiamnak ning tein riantuan khawh ding ah chiah dih asi, ahnu bik ah mah Jet raldohnak hi MiG-29 le Su-27 avawi 4 nak tuah mi ai awh in thlen dih ding khi asi, Felon hi awthawngnak in 1500 km leng in athawng mi Su-27 Jet nak in alet 2 in asang/thawng tinak asi.

The Su-57 is an outcome of the Russian Air Force’s PAK FA fifth-generation fighter jet programme, Codenamed ‘Felon’ by Nato, Su-57 is a twin-engine stealth fighter that will be used in both anti-air and air-to-ground operations, The aircraft will be equipped with multi-mission capability, automation and artificial intelligence technologies to significantly boost the capabilities of the Russian Air Force. It will eventually replace the air force’s MiG-29 and Su-27 fourth-generation aircraft. Felon offers a supersonic range of more than 1,500km, more than two times the range of the Su-27 fighter.

Mah Typhon Jet fighter hi Rolls-Royce,Leonardo hna nih, BAE Systems hruainak tang ah tuah mi Jet fighter asi, atu ah hin mah Typhon thanchoter nak ding ah, Tempest project caah England nih budget Pound 250/$349 million agreement sign asi cang, BAE company nih agreement an sign cang hnu ah mah program hi kalpi cawlh asi cang lai, Britist nih cun 2040 ah Eurofighter Typhon hi thlen khawhnak ding ah tuaktan lio asi, atu tiang in Typhon Jet hi tha ngai ngai in hman khawh rih mi le Europ ah cun atha bik dirhmun ah a um rih khi asi, atha bik Jet hna cung ah atel rih khi asi ko.

Awarded a 250 million pound ($349 million) contract to help progress Tempest, its project to build a new fighter jet which is led by BAE Systems with help from Rolls-Royce, Leonardo and other partners. BAE signed the contract on Thursday, which officially marks the start of the programme’s concept and assessment phase. Britain wants the new jet to replace the Eurofighter Typhoon from 2040 while also preserving Britain’s independent military jet capability and providing skilled.