Germany khualipi Berlin um mi Holocaust Memorial lei ka tlawnnak documentary- Thawng T Thang. – Salai Kawltu

Germany khualipi Berlin um mi Holocaust Memorial lei ka tlawnnak documentary- Thawng T Thang.

Kan Laipa Thawng T Thang nih Germany Khualipi Berlin ummi Holocaust Memorial a tlawnnak kong a chimmi cu ngaih a nuam kho taktak. Theihtlei taktak khi asi. Holocaust hi Jews miphun pawl an rak thahnak hna philhlonak lungdonh asi. Tuanbia ngaihnuam taktak asi fawn. A video cu a tanglei bik ah zoh khawh asi lai. A video na zoh hlan ah mah capar hi van rel ta rih.

US Lainu Restourant hi a men bak lo. US Kan Lainu restaurant hi Mi Mi’s Asian Restaurant ti asi. Mi Mi’s Restaurant hi kum November kum 2013 i an hungmi asi. Sui Men Tial (Mi Mi) le Thawng Mang tuah mi Restaurant asi. Mi Mi’s Restaurant hi chungkhar i dinhnak ca i an tuah mi asi. Ei ding phun dang dang tampi a um.

US Kan Lainu Restaurant ah hin Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese le Burmese rawl hna a man he aa kaih bu tein ei khawh dih asi. Mi Mi Restaurant i rak i din cio dingin kan i sawm hna. An ei ding tuah mi a thawt pinnah chungkhar i dinhnak nuam taktak mi asi.

Mah ti hin Mi Mi Restaurant nih thawngthanhnak an van tuah ve fawn :

Mi Mi’s Asian Restaurant was open on November 2013 by Sui Men Tial (Mi Mi) and Thawng Mang. It is a family style restaurant with expansive menu. They serve Thai, Chinese, Vietnamese and Burmese dishes at very reasonable prices. The restaurant is known to serve delicious dishes. We invite you to visit the restaurant for some amazing food!

Mi Mi Restaurant ah rawl thaw ei ding rak pan cio ding kan lo sawm.

Featured Chin Business 3:


8055 Madison Ave

Indianapolis, IN 46227

Phone: (317) 893-2751

Credit : CCI

A tanglei bik i video ka van thlah mi hi Thawng T Thang nih Germany khualipi Berlin um mi Holocaust Memorial lei a tlawnnak documentary a tuah mi video tawi asi. A dih lak in ngaih rak i zuam ve. 

Video Credit : Thawng T Thang

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