Russia nih India sin ah 21 MIG-29 fighters Commercial Offers apek lai, India caah lawm lo awk tha lo China he an buai lio ah,

Defence news tha taktak zong India caah thei ding a um peng ko, 2020 ah khan Indian Council nih cun 21 Russia’s MiG-29 fighters cawk siseh tiah biachahnak arak ngei cang mi cu, February ah cawk remtihnak aquisition approved fel asi cang, Russia’s Federal Service for Military-Technical Cooperation nih report ning in India sin ah 21 MiG-29 fighters, ‘commercial offer ‘ deliver ding thim asi cang tiah MAKS-2021 international aerospace show sidelines ah langhter asi.

The Indian Air Force staff received a tender request for the supply of 21 aircraft in 2021, The Russian side has transferred to Indian partners the commercial offer that is now being considered by the customer, spokesperson Valeria Reshetnikova Indian Air Force hna nih MiG-29s squadrons 3 – twin-engine single-seat air superiority fighter aircraft hi an hman lio mi asi,

Vladimir Putin nih Maks-2021 International Aviation Le Space Salon ah Jets thar angeih mi hna atha taktak mi hna fiang deuh in aw,

Vladimir Putin nih Maks-2021 International Aviation le Space Salon a hman pi, Russian aircraft maker Sukhoi in LTS program- Light Tactical Aircraft tang ah Fighter an tuah mi hna cu, show langter dih asi, Mah Air show ah hin Sukhoi-Su35S fighter jets Russian Knights aerobatic team, Sukhoi Su-35S fighter hna an telter dih hna.
Russia jets thar hna cu:-
Vladmir Putin an Russian state corporation Rostec te siam, Su-57 two-engine stealth fighter nak in ahme deuh,
Jets thar – Fifth Generation ,Stealth stealth characteristics, supersonic speed,speed of 1.8-2 times the speed of sound , range of 1,864 miles.

Sukoi checkmate fighter hna hi fiang deuh in thei khawh asi lai nak atang lei hi,
Range: 1,864 miles, Maiden flight : 2023, Top speed: Up to 1,500 miles per hour
Aircraft maker: Sukhoi Engines: One F-35 he tahchun nak,

US F-35 Lightning II
Range: 1,700 miles
Maiden flight: 2015
Top speed: 1,225 miles per hour
Aircraft maker: Lockheed Martin
Engines: One

Putin nih cun mah thil thar angeih mi hna hi tha an ti ngai ngai mi asi, Russia Aviation hi kan ram ropi nak le, vawlei cung ah Aircraft tha bik tuah kho tu kan si peng lai, Kan ram nih hi n ni fatin te in thancho nak lam kan ngei, kan rak ngeih peng ding le kan ngeih cia mi vialte hna hi nan mah hna nih biatak tein rian nantuan nak thei par asi ati.