Theihtlei (Informative)

Suimilam pali liam can thawng pang anrak phuan mi ah thawng pang tha le tha lo deuh khi asi an turu taktak ko,

Ukrainian official says 2,800 Russian troops killed Ukraine’s deputy defence minister has claimed that approximately 2,800 Russian troops have been killed in fighting so far. Ukrainian forces had also destroyed about 80 Russian tanks, 516 armoured combat vehicles, 10 aircraft and seven helicopters as of 3pm local time (13:00 GMT), Hanna Malyar said in a statement posted on Facebook. There was no immediate response to the claims from Moscow, and Al Jazeera was unable to independently verify the figures provided

Khuaruah har bak asi hriamnam ngei tha deuhtu Russia ralkap thi tam in Ukraine belte cu civil mi he ralkap thi zat cu 1000 leng asi tiah news site nih arak langhter khi asi, Ukraine Marine Vitaly Shakun nih cun Ukarine ram caah amah le mah bomb apuah chih ruang ah athi, achan cu Kherson region Crimea pawng ah Russia Battle group ah luh tim mi Russia ralkap hna khamhnak ding ah tiah amah le mah bomb apuah mi asi, mah lio ag Ukraine ralkap hna nih hmunhma hna anrak lak-I anrak bawh hna khi asi, Shakun ruang ah hin an Battalions hna an him pin ah a remnak hmun tha hna ah anrak bawh khawh ruang ah Russia ralkap hi tampi an thi nak asi tiah ati, mah long si lo in Russia ralkap arak lut ding mi tampi lut khawh lo in an um tiah news report ah langhter asi fawn.

President Zelensky an ralkap hna long bohchan asi cang, Russia ralkap hna nih strategic airport Kyiv pawng tiang anrak phan cang, Ukraine Civilians minung mi raltha hna nih Russian military convoy khamh tim in, khuapi pawngkam ah an um dih hna khi asi, Tiananmen Square’s ‘tank man’ bantuk an si, Russia ralkap Kyiv an luh ah cun Ukraine mipi hna he street-to-street battle an ngei laik hi asi ko cang, atu ah hin Ukraine civil mi le ralkap hna cu an ram caah tiah thi le thau chuah in an ralthatnak cu turu taktak khi asi ve, amah belte cu ralkap le hriamnam tha zang ah Russia hi an tluk lo nak kha asi ko, cu hmanh ah atu ah hin Ukraine nak in Russia hi minung thi an tam pin ah motor le hriamnam hna an sung deuh khi asi ko.