US Air Force hna nih B-21 Strait Bomber 2 long si lo in 5 an tuah mi asi,

US Air Force hna nih B-21 do-it-all long-range, next-gen stealth bomber, hi conventional & nuclear weapons ken veve khawh ding in tuah mi asi, B-1B & B-2 bombers hna thlak khawhnak ca ding ah tuah mi, Air Force’s hna nih B-21 hi 200 ngeih an timh mi asi, pakhat man hi $631 million in dih khawh an zumh mi asi.

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall nih Defense contractor Northrop Grumman hna nih Palmdale, California plant ah B-21 Radar strategic bombers 2 tuah bantuk in report asi, nain 2 si lo in, 5 an tuah mi asi tiah report ah langhter asi, Northrop Grumman nih hin B-21 flight test hmasa bik can ding hi, an chim duh lo nain 2025 & 2027 karlak hrawng ah service manh asi lai ati, Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall achim mi asi.

As I speak there are now five test aircraft being manufactured on the B-21 production line at Air Force Plant 42, You will never hear me make optimistic predictions about programmes. All programmes have risk and the same is true of the B-21, but at this point at least, the programme is making good progress to real fielded capacity,

2021 kum hram thawh hrawng ah khan B-21 hi 2 tuah lio asi tiah langhter asi, US nih Bombers hna hi China, Russia, North Korea & Iran hna ah an zuang ter hna tawn khi asi, Northrop B-2 Spirit bombers pakhat hi $2.1 billion asi, Cold War lio ah tuah mi Kosovo War 1999 hna ah khan an hman cang, US aggression against Afghanistan, Iraq & Libya hna ah anrak hmang cang fawn.