Afghanistan in US withdrawal cu China an lawm ning cu, Afghan an sung, an President a zam, Biden nih Afghan achuah tak cu, China lawm nak asi ko,

Hu Xijin, editor China state-produced Global Times, arak lang cawlh “Chinese netizens hna nih Afganistan tlu chia in a um mi cu, US presidential transition nak in afawi deuh tiah China nih capo bia in avan kah ko khah! Weibo, Chinese version of Twitter “Zei bantuk capo bia dah asi, Kabul cu fawite in US changed presidents nak in afawi cu” Trump le Biden transition of power a um lio ah khan can aduh sau ngai kha mu, Hu nih Taiwan’s democratic government cu Fimkhur ding in acah, America lei an kal ah cun Afganistan bantuk in nan um lai caah, Mainland joint ding in fawrh felnak atuah khi asi.

Kabul regime an tluk chiat ah cun, Taiwan zong nih tih in an ther kho men tiah ati, US ah in nghat duh hlah u, Taipei nih hin Five-Star Red Flag -Chinese mainland hi thuat ko seh, surrender can angei te lai, Chinese Embassy Afghanistan cu a ning tein akal ko, America bantuk in mi ram ah a rawlh ve bal lo ruang ah, China Embassy cu buainak kar lak ah a ning tein akal peng ko ati.

Navy SEAL – Bin Laden that tu Robert O’Neill nih Biden cu Afghan a mer tak ruang ah thin hun ngai in a um, a tuanpi tawn mi retired Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden he -Joint Chiefs of Staff led by Chairman Mark Milley, Antony Blinken & Lloyd Austin hna cu bang cang ding in Twitter ah “There are Afghans falling to their deaths off of our retreating aircraft. Has @thejointstaff resigned yet?’ Have any of our generals and admirals resigned out of disgrace yet?’ ati.

Navy SEAL Derrick Van Orden -Monday -Fox & Friends “‘Unfortunately, the Biden administration is redefining the word incompetence.You’ve got Secretary Blinken and Secretary Austin they need to tender their resignations right now. The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Milley, he needs to go peel potatoes in the galley for about a month and then resign also!”

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby nih Monday ah khan Kabul Airport buainak cu, mi 8 an thi zong ah buainak a chuak lo tiah ati ko cu, “Kabul Airport chung ah zei poh an um tu ning in fel fai tein tuah dih asi, Asi nain kan timh ning in thil akal lo khi asi ko, Zei poh hi ruah lo bantuk in akal cuahmah ko, Afghan forces hna nih beisei bak lo in anrak in pek ruang ah asi ko, Pentagon bia hi zumtlak lo ngai asi tiah ati.