International Politics

Vawlei nih ngaih thiam ti lo ding in Putin cu, Zelensky nih lungchia ngai in bia achim mi cu ram hruaitu hna mit thli atlak ter,

Vawlei nih ngaih thiam ti lo ding in Putin cu, Zelensky nih lungchia ngai in bia achim mi cu ram hruaitu hna mit thli atlak ter,

The International Criminal Court sin ah Zelensky nih Russia war crimes, cluster & vacuum bombs international nih hman sianh/duh lo an hman caah, Investigation / hlatthlai ding ah ICC nih Russia an hlathlai nak ding ah hin, Russian annexation of Crimea 2014, Maiden Revolution tiang in hlatthlai asi cang lai, Ukraine hi  ICC’s founding Rome Statute signatory chung ah a tel ve lo, Hague-based court chung ah nan chim tel kho lo, Russia thil tawn ding hi asawh sawh cu asi lai lo an case hi afak pah ko lai tiah an ti.

Nuclear Bunker Valery Solovey, 61, political scientist & former professor, Moscow ah um mi nih cun, Putin nih a chung hna cu Nuclear Bunker, Altai Mountains lei ah a athupter cang tiin chim asi, Putin nih Nuclear Traids hna Alert ah a chiah, Nuclear War hi ahman taktak lai ahmang lai timi hi Western intelligence nih theihthiam ahar ngai an ti, Cold War hnu ah Russia thinhun bik can asi tiah an ti, West pawl nih Moscow Security Guarantee zei an rel piak lo ruang ah, Russia thinhun nak cu Ukraine ram nih atuar lio asi, West pawl nih hin Ukraine hi Putina kut ah an sungter lai maw??

Russia nih Kharkiv ah Ukraine Military base fak tuk in an kah ruang ah, President Zelinsky nih “Russia Terrorist State, aho hmanh nih an ngaithiam ti lai lo, aho hmanh nih an philh ti lai lo, tiah ati, Ukraine’s President Vlodymyr Zelensky nih Russia terrorist state’ a timi chan pakhat cu, Russia nih Public Building lian ngai mi an bomb chiat piak ruang ah asi, Russia nih cun EU ram hna nih Ukraine hriamnam an supply ruang ah lehrul asi lai ati, Ukraine le Russia vawi khat ibiakchawnhnak ah zei hmanh ceih khawh lo in can adongh, Russia nih Ukraine an kap cawlh khi asi, Ukraine’s MoD report  nih Russia ralkap 5,300, athi cang Vanlawng 29 planes, 29 helicopters & 151 tanks hna an hloh cang ati, Zelinsky nih Ukraine thawngtla/ Prisoners hna “defence forces” joint ter ding in an chuah zalongter cang, Former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe zong nih an ram Nuclear Weapons ngeih ding achim, Germany nih Defence Budget caah $112million an chiah ve cang.

Russia hriamnam Kyiv Convoy an timi hna nih Kyiv an nai deuh deuh cang khi asi, Volodymyr Zelensky nih Bia lungkuai/ chiat ngai in achim “we are sacrificing our lives for freedom” tiin a chim ruang ah, EU Politicians hna nih standing ovation an pek, Russian convoy hi rul sau ngai bantuk in Kyiv lei pan in an izulh, Ukrainian president Ralthatnak, Timtuahnak, Zei poh tuar ngamnak, a phun phun kar lak ah raltha ngai in acalcang nak nih hin, EU Parliamentarians hna an chawnh atu Russian tanks &  artillery tampi nih Kyiv khuapi an pan cuahmah lio asi nain an tih ve bak lo, “Good evening, Good morning ka ti khawh peng ti lai lo, nichiar in ni hmahnung bik ka nai deuh deuh peng ko tiin lungkuai ngai ngai in bia achim mi cu, mi kip lungthin le mitthli atlak tertu khi asi etc, Lives are being sacrificed for values, for rights, for freedom, to have the same equality that you enjoy. We will win, I’m sure. I would like to hear you say that Ukraine’s choice to be part of Europe is also your choice. We want to be members of the EU. Without you, Ukraine will be alone.