Vladimir Putin nih minung caah tih anungtuk mi hriamnam hman an tim maw sihnga? Ralpi pathumnak lio ah atu bantuk in an buai ko cu mu! step 3 tuah asi,

France President Emmanuel Macron le Putin itonnak ah boruak tha beisei asi lio ah, nain Western media nih bia dang arak ngeih mi cu, “Vladimir Putin warns a nuclear war could break out if Ukraine joins NATO and accuses West of ‘complete disregard for our concerns’ hours after Macron talks ”

Russian strongman ” Ukraine nih NATO an joint asi ah cun European countries hna cu automatic in Russia he idohnak ngeih asi lai” Mit khap karlak te can asi lai thil cang khawh asi kong arak chim bak cang, Moscow hriamnam ngeih that zia cu NATO he tahchun tlak asi lo tiah ati mi nih, vawlei mipi tih nung dirhmun ah adirter khi asi cang, Putin nih holh ahmang mi hi tih nung holh asi, Nuclear Weapons ka hmang lai tiin achim theng lo hmanh ah achim umzia nih alanghter ko, Russia nih Kaliningrad ah Kinzhal nuclear-capable hypersonic missiles an chiah, MiG-31K 2 an chiah fawn, 24-foot-long, one-ton Kinzhal /Dagger nih hin conventional / nuclear warheads aken fawn.

I want to stress it one more time,’I’ve been saying it, but I’d very much want you to finally hear me, and to deliver it to your audience in print, TV and online.Do you understand it or not, that if Ukraine joins NATO and attempts to bring Crimea back by military means, the European countries will be automatically pulled into a war conflict with Russia? : ‘Of course the [military] potential of NATO and Russia are incomparable. We understand it. But we also understand that Russia is one of the leading nuclear states, and by some modern components it even outperforms many. ‘There will be no winners. And you will be pulled into this conflict against your will.’You won’t even have time to blink your eye when you execute Article 5 (collective defence of NATO members) Mr President Macron, of course, doesn’t want this. And I don’t want it. And I don’t want it which is why he is here, torturing me for six straight hours.

Vawleipi ralpi I & II nak lio ah khan atu bantuk in buainak hram thawh asi atu zong hi ralpi III nak signal asi ko cang lo maw? Tih anung mi hramnam hman tim asi maw?

Ahmasa bik ah Russia Vladimir Putin nih vawi tampi Ukraine thuat ka tim lo tibu in, an cawlcang ning ah Ukrain lak ding thil system 3 an ruahman mi Leak out mi cu, atang lei bantuk hi asi, Ukraine ramri in ahlat tuk lonak ah Belarus le Russia hna nih Military Drill dang dang ngeih cuahmah lio asi, Nuclear ken khawh mi Tu-22M3 Russian bomber 2 kalter asi, Cun Western pawl reports thar ah cun Russia nih step 3 hmang in Ukraine invasion ngeih khawh ning ding ah an chiah mi cu:-

  1. Russia ralkap hna nih vawlei lei ah Ukraine ralkap hna an tei hmasa phawt lai, mah hnu ah cun Russia ralkap hna nih cun Ukraine khuapi an thuat hmasa fawn lai,
  2. Russia nih new pro-Moscow government cu Ukraine khuapi chung ah an chiah cang lai,
  3. Russia see activists and opposition rounded up into camps, Western pawl Russia nih Ukraine aathuat ah cun Ukraine mi pawimawh pawl cu camp pakhat ah an chiah dih lai, US nih atu ah hin Russia 100,000 troops cu withdraw ding in ati, Belarus’ authoritarian leader Alexander Lukashenko nih Ukraine nih Russia le Belarus anthuat hmasa asi lo ah cun thuat an tim lo tiin achim.