BREAKING NEWS ! Ralkap Nih Nuhrin Covo Phunglam An Hrawh Dih Cang.

Cu tluk ralkap sual khawh hna cu. Human Rights Phunglam zong an hrawh dih cang ko hi. A tunai te khan Jenevy Sui nih mirang ca bak in a van share mi a si. Zaan chuah zong ttihnung a si cang. Zaan chuah a him bak ti lo. A tanglei ah tling deuh in van rel. Article 419 cu an hrawh i minung zong warrant tel lo bak in an tlaih khawh cang lai. Inn zong ward Administrative Officer um lo zong ah duh paoh an kawl khawh cang lai. Mipi an tlaih mi hna zong suimilam 24 nak tam an hren khawh cang lai.

Cu lawng siloin..Khawi ka hmun paoh ah permission maw warrent la hmasa lo in an duh paoh in an kal kho cang lai. Cun khawi ka hmun paoh an kawl khawh lai i mi zei paoh an tlaih khawh fawn lai.A poi ti hlei cu a tu rih ahcun chim ding bak kan nei rih lo. Asinain lungdong loin kan doh peng ahcun kan tei hrim hrim ko lai. A tanglei ah mirang ca in tling tein van rel.Situation in Myanmar (Feb 13, 9:00pm),Night are not safe anymore with serious violation of Basic Human Rights in Myanmar,The military just announced that they invoke article 419 to revoke article 5, 7 and 8 of 2008 constitution (basic human rights protection of the people ).

The effects are:1) they can arrest without warrants;2) they can search the houses without the presence of the ward administrative officer;3) they can track people down;4) they can seek for information from the operators;5) they can detain people for more than 24 hours. According to those, they can go in and out every house without any permission or warrent, and they can search everywhere and can arrest everyone. Credit : Jenevy Sui