China nih Taiwan ah akal/lut ah cun acitnak van lawng kakah piak lai ati zong ah tih bak lo in Taiwan ram chung ah lut/kal ding afiang ko cang tuzan 10:30PM ah Taipei aphan lai!!

Raldoh ding ah ready ter asi cang, Taiwanese defense officials hna nih cun an ralkap hna alu bik in constable le Officers tiang nih, idin/Leave an lak mi hna vialte cancel piak dih asi ‘to immediately prepare for war’ tiah an ti, Washington Examiner Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian, Her stature as the No.3 U.S. official means a trip would be highly sensitive. As to what measures, let’s wait and see whether she insists on this visit” Thaizing zan lei ah US hruaitu lian bik 3 nak Speaker Nancy Pelosi nih China dodalnak ngai pawimawh lem lo in, Taiwan ram chung ah alut/kal thiamthiam ko lai tiah fiangte in theih asi cang.

Nancy Pelosi’s Taiwan Itinerary- report ah August 2, zanlei Suimilam 10:30 pm ah Taipei a phan lai, Taiwanese TV channel Set News nih US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cu Taipei Songshan Airport ah, local time suimilam 10:45 AM ah a chuak lai, Grand Hyatt Taipei hotel ah zan khat an riak lai, venhimnak hi bia taktein pe kasi lai, US Aircraft Carrier 4 hna nih China ralkap hna cawlcang ning le, lam zei poh ah hlatthlaitu tamtuk in kalter asi, US fighter jets F-16 etc Aircraft Carrier pawl zong, Hawaii, Japan, South Korea hna ah alert in an um laik hi asi.

Taiwan’s president Tsai Ing-wen he zing 8:00 am August 3 ah an iton lai, Taiwan’s parliament ah ruling party & opposition hna he zong itonnak ngeih in bia chimnak can an ngei lai, Taiwan lawmakers & US Lawmakers a tel ve mi hna veve zong ibiakchawnhnak an ngei ve fawn lai, mah ni thiamthiam ah hin Nancy Pelosi le Officers hna cun an tlung cawlh lai tiah, Taiwanese TV channel Set News nih atu bantuk in report an peknak ah langhter asi.

Nancy Pelosi hi Taiwan ram chung a luh hlan ah hin, Nikkei Asia tar lan ning in US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi nih cun, ram 4 tlawng/visit ding ah tar la nasi, mah ram hna cu Indo-Pacific region ram pawl ah Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea & Japan hna cu, high level meeting a ngeih pi khi asi, I’m leading a Congressional delegation to the Indo-Pacific to reaffirm America’s unshakeable commitment to our allies & friends in the region. In Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea & Japan, we’ll hold high-level meetings to discuss how we can further our shared interests & values.

After a fuel stop in Hawaii, we were honored with a briefing from USINDOPACOM Leadership, as well as a visit to the Pearl Harbor Memorial and the USS Arizona. Our Members paid our respects to the valiant Servicemembers who perished in the brutal attack on Pearl Harbor. During our travels, we’ll continue to convey Congress & America’s gratitude for our brave Servicemembers stationed abroad, whose service makes the region & world more stable & safe. Read my statement on our Congressional delegation to the Indo-Pacific.

US nih Aircraft Carriers 4 hna le warships pawl zong an kalter hna khi asi, Fighter jets chung ah tha bik cem mi hna F-35 le F-22 pawl zei maw zat kalter an si fawn, Taiwanese outlet TVBS News ah US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi cu, China hrocernak ruang ah Taiwan kal ding hi cancel memmam hlah, thaizing zan lei ah Taipei a phan te ko lai, Singapore tiang Asia tour a ngeih ah aho hmanh Press/media an tel ter lo, Malaysia, South Korea & Japan hna ah “democratic governance.” Pin ah thil dang hna an chim pi, Taiwan nih hin faktuk in an tuar lai tiah China hrocer nak hi ataktak aphan ter lai maw? Kan zoh te lai cu!!

Chinese state media has claimed Pelosi might play a “dangerous and risky move” by trying to fake a refueling or emergency excuse to land in Taiwan, with Beijing threatening “unbearable consequences” if she does visit Taipei. China acoyah hrocer/warning peknak karlak zong ah siseh, an icitnak van lawng kakah piak lai ati mi zong asi, nain Nu vawlei cung ah raltha bik tiah an ti mi Nancy Pelosi cu, program cancel duh thlei lo in Taiwan ram cu, Dt.2.8.22 ah hin akal taktak cang lai zeidik alawh te hnga??

China acoyah nih cun US cu Mei hmang in lentecelh lo ding in ati mi kha asi, Dongfeng khuachak thli hi faktuk in ahrang lai maw? Asi lo ah khuachak thli sawh sawh maw asi lai timi hi vawlei nih an zoh thup ko cang, China hi rak cawlcang ngam taktak lai maw? Dongfeng hran ning kanrak zoh te lai, mah lio ah hin North Korea nih Nuclear Weapons test vawi 7 tuzar ah ngeih khawh asi an ti, test ding ah zei poh ready dih asi cang an ti fawn, buttons click long herh cang, Kim Jong Un nih South Korea le US nih Military Exercises an ngeih lio le Pelosi Taiwan visit lio ah cwalcang an tim lai maw??

Seoul’s Defense Ministry announced Friday its armed forces will resume major live field training as joint military exercises with US forces start up again next month.The annual session will include 11 field exercises, including one at brigade-level, while the South Korean ministry added they hope to stage air carrier strike and amphibious drills soon.President Yoon Suk-yeol’s spokesperson added that Seoul was looking to bolster the country’s missile defense system amidst growing fears North Korea could carry out its seventh nuclear test this year “at any time”.