CRPF company 6 le Assam palik Black Panther Commando Platoon 4 hna cu Assam le Mizoram ramri ah chiah asi cang,

Assam le Lailapur Mizoram karlak ramri buainak ah a um lio asi ruang ah, region security dang dang hna nih cun lungrual tein tanti tlat ding ah an ti ve hna cang, The Cachar Police Superintendent nih neutral forces in border region hna an ven ding kong le Assam lei in forces lak ah an ven ding kong achim ve fawn, Wednesday ah khan, 6 CRPF companies hna cu Lailapur border ah chiah asi, mah hnu ah hin 4 platoons of the Assam Police’s Black Panther Commando zong aphan ve cang khi asi, zeitik can poh ah ikahnak attact a um lai lo timi hi chim khawh asi lo caah, civil mi hna cu aho hmanh lut rih lo ding ah an ti.

Motor cheukhat Gujarat, Uttar Pradesh, etc in ara mi hna cu, Assam ram chung ah an khamdih hna, civil mi hna cu Lailapur Police station lonh ding asi lo, security forces hna cu pakhat te te in rak phan in, buainak hmun bik kha ven ding in mawhphurnak an lak cang hna, Force chung in member pakhat nih cun ti hin a chim, “Ram chung ah state dang dang Jammu and Kashmir tiam in, Trained soldiers hna cu Assam-Mizoram border ah chiah asi cang, mah hmun hna ah hin civil mi hna can zeimaw chung cu kal rih lo ding ah an ti.

Monday chun ah Mizoram le Assam ikah nak ruang ah khan, Assam plice 6 hna cu nunnak aliam kha asi, Barak valley mipi tampi hna le state leng ah um mi hna nih duh lonak lam an zawh, Organization dang dang hna nih Barak Democratic Front (BFF) hna zong tharum violence tuah lo ding in, 12 hour chung cu shut down arak si, Wednesday ah khan, cachar distict ah mipi hna nih, khawika hmunhma zong khar dih in spport nak an langhter.

Cachar district ah lam zawh nak ah cun, Mizoram ah vehicles lut ding mi hna zong harsatnak an ngei ko, vehicles hmang in Mizoram ah thilri hna raklak deliver tawn mi Kabuganj, Nutan Bazar, Dholai Lailapur etc mi hna nih cun, mah hna cu rian dang kawl in, thilri hna lak deliver hmang in Mizoram support ti lo ding in an chim fawn hna khi asi.


Many people took to the streets on Wednesday in support of the ban, even though they were not part of any organization. In the Kabuganj area, local drivers helped set up barricades in the middle of the road to enforce the ban. They said, “The biggest thing at the moment is to show Mizoram that we are not dependent on them.

Being a citizen of the Indian state, a civilian from Mizoram fired at Assam police officials, we can never accept that. How much pain is felt in the minds of those whose family members have lost their lives, do the people of Mizoram not understand that? On the contrary, videos of them rejoicing after the incident have surfaced on social media. This time we have collectively decided to boycott them altogether.”