Mah bantuk Nuva hna cu an mak ngai! 3 in sermi chungkhar nih an fate an dawn.

Vawlei cung minung kan i duh dan ngai hi a mak ko cang. A thiang thitumnak ti mi le Pathian samhrisih ti mi hna hi sullam ngei lo ko an lawh ter chin chin leng mang ko. Denver, Colorado i a um mi (Nu) Lo,31, le Mike Tyler,32 cu Thitumnak an tuah hnu ah Darling, Jess Woodstock, 31 an ngei than. An Pathum ning tein Nuva an si hna.
Although Jess has not yet been able to produce any breast milk, the throuple (pictured) revealed she had experienced pregnancy cravings and mood swings as her body tried to mimic Lo's

December thla 22, ah khan Aria ti’n min an sak mi fanu te an hrin. A hring tu hi Lo a si.  An rak i ton dan zong hi a rak mak ngai ngai. Vawlei pumsa nuamh nak lei he peh tlai in One Night Stand ti mi ah Jess hi an rak ton le an rak duh thai mi a rak si. Mah zaan thok cun an pathum in um ti hram an i thok hna.
Now the trio (pictured) say they are a well-oiled machine, taking it in turns to give their daughter night feeds with Lo's expressed breast milk
Lo nih nau a pawi lio ah hin Jess zong nih nau a pawi ve mi bantuk in Lo nih a ei mi le a din mi paoh paoh hi a rak ei ding ve ti a si. Nau pawi tu Lo nih a tuah mi Yoga hna zong Jess nih cun a tuah pi thlu ve. Jess nih cuti a tuah ve cu nau an ngeih tik ah nau hnuk a dinh ve khawh nak hnga caah a si. A hnuk cu a ngan deuh ve ko nain Fa hring lo hrat cu a hnuk tu cu a chuak lo ti a si.
Lo and Mike (pictured with their girlfriend) naturally conceived in March last year and the trio finally met their daughter, Aria Lyn, weighing 7lbs 2oz at a home birth in December
An pathum tein Fanu te an ngeih hnu ahcun an nuamhnak a sang chin chin ti a si. An fanu te zoh tu ding ah 2 long si loin 3 kan um cang tiah an ti i an lawmhnak a sung ko.
Married couple Lo, 31, and Mike Taylor, 32, from Denver, Colorado, became a throuple after a one-night threesome with their now girlfriend (pictured together with their little one), Jess Woodstock, 31, turned into a 'deep emotional connection' in June 2018