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Ralpi anai deuh deuh Ni sawmnga le pariat chung idohnak thawngpang le ahnu bik nihin thil cang mi phunphun hna cu,

Sweden nih NATO joint lut an tim bak ko cang, Russia nih Finland hrocer than nain,

Sweden Parliament ah NATO joint le joint lo ding Debate ngeih asi, mipi polls bik ah 57% hna nih NATO joint an duh, March ah khan 51% nih joint an duh, Maria Zakharova, spokesman for Russia’s foreign ministry nih Finland & Sweden hna nih NATO an joint asi ah cun, ram 2 hna nih an ton ding mi chimcia asi tiah, “Finland & Sweden hna hi thil umtu ning hna ka chim tawn cang, diplomatic channels zong kan kawl kim cang, zei poh an theih dih cang thil zei maw aphan sual zong ah, mak an ti ding asi lo thil tampi ka chim hna cang ati.

Prime Minister Sanna Marin chim cang bang in, Finland politicians hna zong nih NATO joint ┬ále joint lo ding debate lio asi, Ms Marin, Finland’s prime minister kum 36 asirih mi nih achim ning ah cun, June thla ah cun NATO joint/lut manh aduh tiah, Ms Andersson, Swedish PM nih NATO joint lut ding ah nghah peng ahernak um lo, Ms Andersson “February 24 hlan kha cu lungthin ahawituk lem lo nain, Ukraine invasion hnu ah hin boruak a thlen dih, Sweden mipi hna caah, Sweden’s security tha kan ruah can aphan cang tiah ati.

Mariupol Defenders Commander nih kan can donghnak asi in alang nain adongh tiang tan kan lak lai!

Commander for the Ukrainian marines, Mariupol defenders nih nihin hi can dongh nak bik asi lo ah, ni donghnak bi kasi khawh tiah achim, Serhiy Volyna commander 36th Separate Marine Brigade pawl nih Azovstal factory underground tunnels ah an ithup hna, Russian fighters 10 le defenders 1 level bantuk kan si, an tamtuk hna kan nih minung pakhat ah an nih minung 10 ithuat/doh bantuk kan si tiah ati fawn, We are probably facing our last days, if not hours. The enemy is outnumbering us 10 to one. We appeal and plead to all world leaders to help us, We ask them to use the procedure of extraction and take us to the territory of a third-party state.

Russia hriamnam sung cangnak le ralkap thi cang mi hna confirm asi cang,

Boruak a hnu bik ah Russian forces nih Ukrainian defenders bunker, Azovstal plant an nai tuk cang, Volyna nih “Russians cu hriamnam ngei tha an si, van boruak, artillery, tanks, ralkap lam zei poh ah Azovstal plant hi venhim kan tmm bik mi asi, ralkap long kan si lo civilians zong tampi an um, Major Serhiy Volyna of the 36th Separate Marine Brigade, whose soldiers have been holding out in the Azovstal Iron and Steel Works against a Russian force that vastly outnumbers them, tells The Post he will not surrender. The Washington Post

US intelligence hna nih Russia nuclear arsenal cawlcang ning biataktein zoh peng,

US nih Ukraine an bawmnak atam pah ko cang,

Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin zarkaht ah vawi 3 briefing pek asi tawn, Mariupol’s dir hmun hi thuk deuh in zoh, Azovstal iron & steel plant, ah a nghat, Russia pawl nih an kulh dih ko, Basement ah mipi athup mi hna cu vanthat ah ei/din peknak lam a um caah an lawm ngai, Russia nih can sau ngai an kulh cang nain Mariupol hi an lak khawh rih lo, Ukrainian military command nih cun an dirhmun atha tuk lem lo tiah ati, Mariupol’s Azovstal steel plan ah Mariupol defenders hna cawlcang ning in Donbas lei ah Russia cawlcang ning zong theih khawh asi lai tiah ati.

Mariupol dirhmun cheu khat hna,

Kyiv lei ah Zelinsky nih European Council chief Charles Michel mikhual lio asi, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson nih Russia sin ah British mi 2 an tlaih mi Aiden Aslin & Shuan Pinner hna cung ah tangdawr ding in nawl asi, Boris Johnson nih Russia an tih bak lo, Russia nih khua thlang lei ram pawl a hrocer bak ah khan, Boris nih nuclear submarine thabik Gibraltar ah a kuat cawlh bak ko, Ukraine hi thawnter aherh peng ko, Russia nih athuat/doh ngam lo ding ah, Russia thil ti khawh bantuk in kan sersiam lai tiah ati ve bak ko, Ukraine sin ah hriamnam an pek mi hna cu, idohnak ah khan hriamnam tha timi cu afiangtuk ko tiah ati.

Russia nih vawithumnak ding ah Ukraine ralkap hna in surrender ding ah ati mi cu can alonh than cang,

Russia nih Mariupol defenders Suimilam 2 chung in surrender ding ah nawl apek ko hmanh ah, an in pek hna lo, Azov battalions & Ukraine marines hna Azovstal steel plant bunker ah an um asi ko, Marine commander & President Zelinsky nih Western pawl sin ah, hriamnam  lian hna an hal fawn hna khi asi, Germany nih Ukraine hriamnam zeimaw zat an kuat, nain zei bantuk hriamnam dah asi an phuan dih lo -anti-tank missiles, Stingers etc hna kuat asi,

Harry Nedelcu, policy director, global political consultancy firm Rasmussen Global nih tu zar ah, US nih hriamnam an kuat mi cu Battle for Donbas ah um zia a ngei ngai ngai ko lai tiah ati.

Battle of Donbas caah America Pentagon nih Ukraine hriamnam pek,

US nih hin February 24 Ukraine invasion hnu ah khan Ukraine caah hin $ 2.6 billion man hrawng hriamnam kuat piak asi cang, Battle of DONBAS an timi ah DRP & LRP icuhnak Sunday zan in thathar in Russia nih hriamnam he ithuat/doh hram thawh than asi, mah hna hi ‘battle for Donbas’ caah US nih Ukraine arak kuat mi hna asi, direct in mah idohnak ah hin West pawl hi an tello hmanh ah indirectly in tampi an tel asi ko, Russia zong tamtuk in an chuak ve ko tlamtlin tim asi.