Esther nih 2020 kum i a Tonmi Thil Pawl a Phuan ( Bawipa a Thangthat Khawh Rih)

Chin hlasathiam minthang Esther nih kum 2020 i a cangmi thil ah Bawipa a thangthatnak a langhter. Esther hi Pathian hla a sak lawng si loin hla tha tak tak a phuah tawn. An hla pawl hi an tha kho tak tak. Bawipa nih a hman tukmi a si. Uar a um kho tak tak. Hi ti hin a tial.

Covid a cang,Ka hmai hrap cheu a zeng,Rian ka sok mi ka ngah lo,Album tuah liomi kan ngol,Khat lei ah …Ka tuu pa Rem Te a chuak,Ka fanu Sunghluan a chuak,Chungtling te in kan dam,Rian kan tuan kho,2020 kum cu ho ca’h poah ah a phun dang ngai ngai.Tinhmi vialte tloh a si i tinh lomi thil an cang dih.Lawmhnak a um ve nain ngeihchiatnak le lungretheihnak a tam.,Cu vialte chung zong ah kan Pathian cu zumhawk a tlak peng. A min thangthat si ko seh!,

Covid19 happens,Diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy,Rejected from job interview,Stop working on the album,On the other hand,My adorable nephew was born,My most precious daughter was brought to the world,Safe and Healthy,Still have jobs,2020 has been definitely a dreadful year for many people,Most plans are cancelled and most unplanned things happen,It has its happy moment yet filled with fear and sadness,Still,Our God is faithfull,His name be praised !,Source: Esther Van Hnem Sung