Indian Navy le Queen Elizabeth carrier strike group JULY 23-25 Joints Naval Exercise chung ngeih asi lai,

Indian Ocean ah nithum chung acam cang mi Queen Elizabeth Carrier strike group Big Lizzie hna nih cun, QUAD forces hna thazang an pek lai khi asi, July 23-25 ah hin Indian Navy hna nih joint Naval Exercises an ngeih ti hna lai, ropi ngai ding mi khi asi, China thin phu depdep in a um ko cang.

Indian Navy hna nih hin Indian Navy’s Rajput class guided missile destroyer, attack submarine le anti-submarine warfare aircraft an chuah pi hna lai, Big Lizzie Raldohnak lawng 12 an telter hna, 30 aircraft, submarine 2, Indian & Royal Navy 4,500 hna nih annual Exercise Konkan rubic an ngeih fawn lai khi asi.

Elizabeth CSG ah hin state of the art F-35B fighters, US & Netherlands Destroyer hna an zul fawn, Indo-Pacific tilt post-Brexit pin ah Quad coalition of democracies hna nih China Navy’s hna nih Indo-Pacific ah thazang ngeih an timh mi cu khamhnak ca ding ah asi lai.

Russia nih S-400 hi tampi ramdang ah an zuar cang Atu ah S-500 cu tlamtling te in tuah asi than cang, S-500 Air defense system in action hmang in Ballistic Mssile kap khawh,

Moscow, July 21 Reuters Russia nih Tuesday zan ah S-500 surface-to-air missile system nih rian atuan ning video anrak pek, mah thil hi vawlei ram dang hna sin ah tampi zuar khawh asi lai, S-400 system cunglei hi geopolitical tension hnginhtertu asi, United States ally Turkey nih acawk ruang ah a F-35 programme ah tel ti lo ding in banter arak si.

Russia defence ministry in video footage ah truck-based system’s launch tube in speed thawng ngai in testing ground, southern Russia in arak kah mi langhter asi, Russia’s state RIA news agency nih atu tan cu S-500 system in live fire test vawikhatnak ngeihnak asi, Defence ministry “S-500 system in high-speed ballistic target tha ngai in a kah ko.

S-500 anti-aircraft missile system bantuk tluk in an ral missile tlang sang ah cun speed ah tluk ding an um lo ati, Defence & Missile Defence unit hna nih atu bantuk in, tlamtling tein test atuah khawh mi cu kanrak hmuh bal lo, mah caah cun atu Russia nih S-500 Air defense system angeih mi hi athawng bak mi asi tiah langhter asi.

S-500 system, hi Prometheus tiin an auh, ballistic, cruise missiles, planes & helicopters 600 km (373 miles), raduis ah um mi a kap khawh, Deputy Defence Minister Alexei Krivoruch nih 2025 in service khawh asi cang lai ati, Astrakhan region, the Kapustin Yar training range in a kap chuak mi cu Tsirkon (Zircon) hypersonic cruise missile zong President Vladimir Putin nih test atuah chih khi asi.