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Atu tan Mid term thimnak ah tling mi lar deuh deuh hna cu, Republicans cu Red, Democrats cu Blue flag ah theih khawh asi,

Atu tan Mid term thimnak ah tling mi lar deuh deuh hna cu, Republicans cu Red, Democrats cu Blue flag ah theih khawh asi, hna Notable wins in the US midterm election With the balance of the House and Senate coming down to hadful of key states, here are some of the notable winners:

  1. John Fetterman beats Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania
  2. JD Vance takes Ohio Senate seat
  3. Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer defeated Republican Tudor Dixon in her reelection bid
  4. Republican Mark Gordon has won a second term as Wyoming’s governor, beating Theresa Livingstonn
  5. Republican Governor Phil Scott was reelected for the fourth consecutive year in Vermont. Scott defeated Democrat Brenda Siegel and three independent candidates.
  6. Democrat Richard Blumenthal won a third term in office, fending off a challenge from first-time candidate Leora Levy, a Republican who was endorsed by former President Donald Trump.

  1. Former White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was elected Arkansas governor, becoming the first woman to lead the state.
  2. Republican US Senator Marco Rubio has won a third term, defeating Val Demings.
  3. Republican Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine on Tuesday gained a second term as he defeated challenger Nan Whaley, a Democrat.
  4. Robert Menendez, the son of Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez won an open House seat in New Jersey
  5. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrats won in New York

Russia nih hin Ukraine ram Kherson ah tih a nung mi bomb hman an tim maw sihnga? Aran khawh nak chung in Kherson chuahtak ding ah mipi theihter,

Ni Zan ah khan Russia Defence Ministry lei Russia Federation ralkap hna Kherson region ah, September thla ah Referendum hmang in an cuh piak hnu ah, atu ah hin arankhawhnak chung in Kherson mipi chuak ding in fak nawn in nawl chuah asi, Western officials le hi doh kahnak rak ngaihven mi pawl nih hin, Russia hiti acawlcang thut mi ah an lung atha lo ngai, bomb tha lo tih anung mi hman an tim maw sihnga tiin an zoh peng lio.

October thla ah Moscow nih Kyiv regime hna nih Dirty nuclear bomb hman tim ah anrak puh peng cang kha asi, Russia Federation nih hin Kherson region chung in, mipi an lak chuah cang hna khi asi, thla 9 deng mang  an idoh cang nain, Russia cu an tim ning in an cawlcang khawh lo tik ah, Putin nih hin zeitin dah thil kalpi atim? an idoh nak ah an ralkap zei maw zat an sung pin ah nichiar in an ralkap hi 100-300 karlak hi a thi peng fawn, ningzah bu in bomb tha lo hman taktak a tim cang rua tiah an zum hna.

NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg nih Russian President Vladimir Putin nih, Ukraine a thuat nak ah thil tuah sual tampi a ngei “Ukranians hna ralthatnak, an ram venhim nak caah zei poh an huamzia le an ram ven nak ding ah, thuk ngai in pum an pek pin ah thazang an chuah fawn khi asi, NATO Alliance hna nih Ukraine support nak a that zia”Senior adviser to Ukraine’s president Mykhailo Podolyak nih Reuters media sin ah, “Kherson ah Ukranians flag tar asi hlan cu, Russia withdrawal chim lo atha, zum ngam an si lo tiah an ti.

Ukraine’s southern Kherson region borders Crimea hi arak pawimawh tuk, Black Sea peninsula he land bridge umnak asi, Russia’s influential war bloggers War Gonzo blog, Telegram 1.3 million subscribers ngei tu nih, Kherson withdrawal ding a soisel bak, “Apparently we will leave the city, no matter how painful it is to write about it now. In simple terms, Kherson can’t be held with bare hands.Yes, this is a black page in the history of the Russian army. Of the Russian state. A tragic page.” Bomb tha lo a hman bak ah cun, hri tha lo vawlei nih atuar ko lai.