British Raf Pilot hna nih £250,000 hlawh/salary ngeih in China Pilot hna cu Western Jets kap tlakter ning cawnpiak tiah theih asi,

Former British fighter pilots 30 hna nih Emergency caah China pilots hna cu, ram caah thil tih nung kong ah, Western Jets kah thlak ning anrak cawnpiak asi, cawnpiak man ah £250,000 long hlah ding asi, Sources tar lan ning in top Royal Air Force pilots pawl hi  People’s Liberation Army hna ai awh mi hna nih anrak chawnh hna cang, mi dang zong sawm an si, mah contract ding ah hin China lei in Australia & Canada fast jets pilots hna zong an chawnh tel khi asi, China nih 2049 ah vawlei cu an nawlngeihnak tang ah chiah khawh tim in hma an lak ngai ngai khi asi ati.

Mah recruitment programme hi Ministry of Defence nih an confirm cang khi asi, ‘Serving and former advanced jet pilots are being openly head-hunted to train People’s Liberation Army (PLA) pilots in China.’ Mah zawn ruah mi poh poh nih, vawlei politics ah hin ram ahim bal lo cu mu!!

China Air Forces lei a thancho ning cu,

*China’s armed forces include 915,000 active troops, a third of whom are conscripts

*Its rapidly developing air force includes latest-generation fighter jets among its 2,000 warplanes

*China’s air force is the third largest in the world, including 400,000 personnel

*Its J-20 stealth jet from 2017 has impressed Western experts. Chinese defence spending is growing by nearly 7 per cent a year, approaching £200billion

*China already has the world’s largest navy, with at least 360 vessels and three aircraft carriers. The RAF has 479 aircraft and 38,000 personnel. The Navy boasts two aircraft carriers

China nih private flying academy, South Africa mi hna cu Australia, British le Canada hna hi an dawr/chawnh tawn siin theih asi, nain Test Flying Academy of South Africa (TFASA), based, Oudtshoorn airfield, Western Cape province, mi hna nih an comments duh lo khi asi, TFASA hna nih hin RAF Typhoon, Jaguar & Tornado pilots hna hi offer an pek, PLA instructors ding in sawm asi fwan.