Idohnak ding a nai tuk cang a ni long hngah asi ko cang Ukraine nih State of Emergency ah phuan asi cang Zelinsky Extra power an pek cang,

Idohnak ding a nai tuk cang a ni long hngah asi ko cang,

Ukraine Idoh ding ah timtuah asi cang Russia Full Invasion ithuat ding ah thil tampi ah ready lio cuahmah cang, Ukraine ram pum pi ah “State of Emergency” an phuang cang, Ukrainian security council, hna nih President Volodymyr Zelensky extra powers cu Curfew le thil dang pawimawh nak le thil aher tuk nak thil hna ah power hman khawhnak pe kasi fawn cang, Vwalei hmuh ning ah cun Russia nih hin Rebels / tapung pawl hmun long si lo Ukraine pum invasion a ngeih cang ding phun khi asi cang, Ukraine’s border guard service hna nih border zones ah cawlcang, video record, drones hman an khap cang fawn, Ukrain tim tuah ning cu:-

Ral dohnak aphan ah cun Martial law an phuang lai, Mipa asi cang mi poh poh cu kum 16-60 karlak vialte nih ralkap ah an lut dih hrimhrim ding ah, Ukrainian citizens asi cang mi vialte hna nih meithal an ken dih khawh lai timi hi ready in timtuah asi cang kong arak phuan cang, Russia February 23 hi Defender of the Fatherland Russia an hman ni asi, Russia nih idoh ding ready asi cangzia achim cang ve fawn, UK Defence Secretary Liz Truss in Full Scale invasion a nai tuk cang ati, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison nih Suimilam 24 chung in Full Scale Invasion a phan cang lai tiah an zum, Ukrainian troops & pro-Russian rebels minung1 a thi, 6 hliamhma ngei, Russia nih Crimea ah Biak in thuat tim tiah achim mi Russian mi ‘right-wing’ group’ mi an tlaih, Denis Pushilin, leader of the self-proclaimed Donetsk People’s Republic nih, mipa hna cu Ukranian ralkap he idohnak a um ah cun iven ding ah an chim pi khi asi.

Ukrainian MP Oleksiy Goncharenko, 41 nih cun Kyiv parliament ah Russia ralkap faktuk in challenge atuah,“Welcome to hell” We can say, you will die here. Die like lousy dogs if you enter our country. You wont leave from here, we promise you this. And your generals throwing you to this meat grinder will run away first .So drop your [weapons] and go back home to your wives and kids. You have nothing to do here. It’s not your land. And won’t ever tiin a challenge bak ko khi asi, Russia peacekeeping’ mission pawl zong an kal chih peng, Russian tanks & armoured vehicles hna cu north of Kharkiv, Ukranian border in mile 3 te ah an um dih cang hna, Putin nih “Russia ralkap hna cu Ukraine tiang an kal lai timi ka chim lo, kan hmai lei thil umtu ning ding ah cun ka chim thiam lo, Thil umtu ning nih a chim te ko lai, thil hi theih cia khawh asi lo, mah caah cun thil asi ning nih akan chim te ko lai tiin Putin nih achim.