Iran le North Korea nih Russia bia takte in an bawm cang South Korea le America nih Drill exercise ngeih ruang ah North Korea thinhun nak cu, vawlei nih kan tuar lai lo tiah chim khawh asi ti lo,

Ukraine MoD report ning in November thla chung ah hin Iran nih, Russia Federation cu, Shahed-136, Mohajer-6 & Arash-2 combat drones hna, via Caspian Sea – port of Astrakhan kal tlang in an kuat than cang, Zelinsky nih Russia Airstrikes le drones hman atamtuk ruang ah, Ukraine Energy infrastructure 40% a chia cang, “I am sure that we will restore everything, and in a calmer time, when the situation in our energy system will be stabilized, we will continue exporting electricity to Europe”.

Reuters reports nih Ukraine acoyah nih Yuriy Vitrenko chief executive of the state energy company Naftogaz sinak in, bannak cu an pawm piak, French president, Emmanuel Macron, telephone call Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy he ichawnhnak ngei in, thlasik chung caah France nih energy infrastructure tuah thatnak ding ah bawm atim, The general staff of Ukrainian armed forces nih 650 Russian soldiers te Monday ah an thi ati, Russian-appointed governor of the Kherson oblast Telegram, Vladimir Saldo nih Kherson 70,000 residents minung nih an chuah tak cang ati.


North Korea nih arak chim tawn cang bang in atu ah hin ataktak in Russia cu, missile le hriamnam dang he an bawm ve cang ding ah arak phuan cang, aruang cu South Korea le America nih Joint drill Exercise an ngeih lio cu, an duh lo ngai khi asi, mahruang ah lam tang tuanpitu herh tiah a theih ruang ah, atu ah hin Nuclear hriamnam ngei le Ukraine an doh lio Russia cu, lam tampi ah bawm ding le tuanpitu ding ah arak thanh cang.

North Korea nih hin atu ah Nuclear hriamnam a test lai lo tiah chim khawh asi ti lo, US & South Korean Air Forces Hold Joint Drills le South Korean & US air forces hna nih cun, North Korea thinhunter ding ah hin ti phun in, ral doh nak Jet Fighter hna, 240 aircraft, chung ah F-35A, & F-35B planes hna tel in an cawlcang ko, North Korea hi an challenge bantuk in alang ko caah, ruah lo pi in North Korea Kim Jong-un thinhun nak nih hin, Nuclear Weapons a test suddenly/thuat khawh dirhmun asi.

Iran le North Korea nih atu bantuk in Russia lei an bawm peng cang caah, NATO le European lei ram hna zong nih, an hriamnam ngei le ralkap hna cu training ngeihter cuah mah lio asi pin ah, zei tik can poh ah cawlcang khawh cawlh ding ah ready ter peng asi fwan cang, Russia nih Ukraine teinak ding ah tiin, North Korea nih July thla in Russia Ukraine idohnak ah bawm ahuam cang kong achim kha asi, dona ah puih an in huama , Iran bantuk in North Korea Foreign Ministry zong nih vawlei theih ah bawm lo bantuk in alanghter ve khi asi.

National Security Council spokesman John Kirby ‘US nih North Korea nih Russia Ukraine dohnak ah hman ding hriamnam tampi abawm mi cu, Middle East or North Africa ram lei ah zuar ding bantuk in an langhter ko hmanh ah, America & allies hna nih North Korea le Russia cawlcang ning cu, kan zoh peng ati, North Korea hriamnam nih hin zei bantuk boruak dah arak chuah pi lai? South Korea tipi pawng ah nizan ah khan Missile zei maw zat an kap chuak tiah theih asi.

Elon Musk Starlink nih Ukraine senior Ukrainian official hna cu, Elon Musk an Starlink terminals hmang in Ukraine ram hna, satellite network hmang in idoknak ah bawm peng asi lai tiin arak phuang ve bak cang fawn, Mykhailo Fedorov, Ukraine’s Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation, The Associated Press “Elon Musk ‘told me personally that he will continue to support Ukraine and continue to provide Starlink to Ukraine.There are no problems for now with Starlink’.

Elon Musk nih SpaceX Starlink system , 2,200 low-orbiting satellites broadband internet service hmang in 150,000 Ukrainian ground stations ah abawm lio cang tangka tamtuk adih ve ko cang.