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Israel Air Forces hna nih Syria Allepo Airport cu avawi hnih nak an bomb than Airport cu hman khawh asi ti lo,

Israel Air Forces hna nih Syria Allepo Airport cu avawi hnih nak an bomb than Airport cu hman khawh asi ti lo,

Officials Syrian SANA news agency nih Aleppo International Airport cu bomb asi than, mahruang ah cun an Airport hi hman tlak asi ti lo khi asi, an cathanh chuah ning in Israeli jets hna nih missile hmang in, Mediterranean Sea in northern Syria hi an kap khi asi, Israel lei nih zeihmanh an chim lo, nain Syria nih cun mawhphurhtu asi tiin a puh ve bak ko, zar hmasa Wednesday ah khan Iran Cargo plane Allepo international airport, ah hin a tum ruang ah Israel Air Forces hna nih, an bomb cang kha asi.

SANA added that Syrian air defenses managed to intercept several incoming missiles launched by Israeli jets. Syria regularly claims to intercept Israeli missiles, though military analysts doubt such assertions.There were no immediate reports of injuries in the latest attack. Syrian media reports said loud explosions were heard in the area. exclusive video showing Israel blasted tonight runway of Aleppo International Airport. Now out of service for some time. All flights diverted to Damascus.

A radio navigation system, south of the runway, used to aid aircraft in staying on course, was also damaged in last week’s attack. Syria, like many Middle East nations, has dual-use airports that include civilian and military side.


US intelligence reports ah Russia Ukraine idohnak kal peng ah, West pawl nih Ukraine hriamnam an pek cuah mah peng lio ah, Russia nih an allies Iran le North Korea hna sin in, hriamnam tampi an cawk ve peng khi asi, mah hi Cold War si lo in Weapons war dik tak kan hmuh cuah mah lio hi asi, US intelligence declassified nih North Korea le Russia hna cu an an tangti ve ngai ngai khi asi.


US official min thup hna nih Russia’s defence ministry nih Ukraine thuat nak ah, hriamnam an sungtuk cang khi asi, hriamnam tha an ngeihtuk lem ti lo tiah chim in, “the Russian military continues to suffer from severe supply shortages in Ukraine, due in part to export controls and sanctions”. The New York Times nih US intelligence officials hna nih, atu ah hin hriamnam tam deuh ngeih an herh caah, North Korea sin in cawk chih an tim cang tiah ati.

US official nih hin zeizat dah Russia nih North Korea hriamnam cawk an timh timi hi an chim lo, kan hnu lei deuh ah khan Biden administration hna nih cun, Russia nih drones tampi Iran sin in an cawk cang kha asi, zar hmasa zong ah khan The White House nih, Russia nih Iran sin ah drones an cawk mi, Mohajer-6 -Shahed-series drones ah technical buainak an ton an ti, Armed Forces of Ukraine hna nih Turkish-made Bayaktars idohnak ah an hmang tiah ati.