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Ukraine nih an ram chung hmun pawimawh hna ah an hman mi Duty Defenders of Kyiv ah hin Female Police Officers hna hi anrak men lo ngai,

Russia nih an commander pakhat an sung hawi cang,

Ukarine ralkap hna cu nizan ah khan an cawlcang ning arak tha bak khi asi, Russia Commander Sergey Sukhorev, commander 331st Kostroma paratroopers’ regiment an thah piak, 2014 ah khan commander of the batallion-tactical group 331st regiment sinak tlaitu asi, Historical note: The battle of Illovaysk took place in August of 2014 when the regular Ukrainian army and volunteer batallions were fighting Russia-fueled separatists in the East of the country as a part of Counter-terrorist operation. Ukrainian army had an advantage until the Russian regular army units crossed the state border in support of the separatists’ forces. Together they took Ukrainian army in the “pocket”. Putin personally asked the separatists and his units to let the unarmed Ukrainian troops leave the “pocket” through the humanitarian corridors. While the unarmed Ukrainian troops were leaving the Russians opened fire.

Defenders of Kyiv an timi hna hi female police officers, Kyiv Region police stations patrol – hna hi chun/zan duty peng tawn mi hna an si uar an um kho taktak ko, mah hna zong nih hin Russia ralkap hna zei maw zat an thah ve fawn khi asi, duty sawhsawh ah an ruah nain, special training ngeih cang mi hna an si, ram caah an ral asi mi Russian ralkap hna cu anrak doh ve khi asi, Ukriane hi amak ngai lungrual tein an tangti khwah mi hi zoh chun awk tlak bak asi.

International Court of Justice (ICJ) ah khawkhan lairel nak ah, ‘Russia nih hin Ukraine ah Military Operation a ngeihnak hi aran khawhnak chung in, withdraw/kir dih cang se, tiah an ti lio ah khan ram hruaitu hna aiawh in Judge 15 chung ah 13 nih vote pek/support an si, Russia le China aiawh Judge hna nih cun duh lo lei in vote an pek, India ram aiawh ah tel Judge Dalveer Bhandari nih Russia duh lo lei ah vote a pek daih ko, Dalveer Bhandari hi Supreme Court Judge taw nasi, Chief Justice of Bombay zong ah tuan cang mi asi, atu tan Russia nih Ukraine dohnak kong ah Russia ralkap withdraw cawlh ding ah hin vote arak pek khi asi, India hi lak lawh ngai in a um tawn ko, Russia an support sel, US an support sel, dirhmun fek angei lo an ti.

Lviv Airport pawng cu Missile 7 in an kah 2 Ukarine lei nih anrak kah thlak piak, “Missiles hit the area near Lviv airport. I cannot say the location at this time, but it is definitely not an airport. The windows in the buildings of [a] motor transport company are damaged. The situation on the ground is being clarified and we will update later,” Rescuers & medical teams hna nih Podil, Kyiv lei ah Russia missile kahnak hnu hma evidence hlatthlai asi, Lviv NATO’s doorstep asi ruang ah Russia nih hin an kah sual lai tiah phan a um an ti.

Lviv ah hin 200,000 refugees an um lio khi asi, Russian airstrikes Ukrainian cities Chernihiv & Mariupol an kah mi cu achia ngai hna, Ukrainian city of Mariupol Drama Theater bomb tuar mipi hna lak chuah lio asi, minung 1300 hrawng umnak hmun asi, mi 130 long an lak kho rih, Liudmyla Denisova the Ukrainian Parliament’s commissioner Human Rights,nih cun an dirhmun taktak fiang in chim ahar rih ati, Drama theater structure 80% hrawng a chia ati.