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US nih kum khat caah ram venhimnak lei Budget an chiah mi hi turu tuk/atam taktak 2023 caah an budget cu? Le Pentagon caah budget cu?

President Joe Biden nih 2023 United States of America Defense Budget Fiscal Year 2022-23 ca ding ah proposal ah $813.3 billion le PENTAGON caah $773 billion chaih, $2 Billion -missile interceptor defense – China & North Korea Ballistic Missile lak ah ivennak caah, $5 Billion hi Space command pawl hman ding bi kasi, space-based early warning system caah, American interests – Middle East, North Korea’s threat hna asi, Zar hmasa ah khan Kim-Jong-un nih Hwasong-17 intercontinental ballistic missile a kah chuah mi kha, thuat khawh ding mi le Biden “Putin nih Ukraine an thuat buai peng ruang ah, America nih hin Ukraine cu zei poh ah kan bawm aher-economic, humanitarian, & hriamnam ah tiah ati.

White House official nih Bloomberg News sin ah-  American history ah hin national security investments lian bik chuah pi nak chan cu, America nih Europe, Indo-Pacific & Ukraine Allies hna an bawm taktak aher, US hi China le Russia hna bantuk in defense technology ah a cungnung si hi aher bak mi thil biapi bi kasi, hypersonic weapons le Artificial Intelligence lei ah fakpi in hma lak aherh lai ati, Biden nih $145.9 billion hi America nih 61 F-35 fighter jets,  B-21 bomber & Virginia-class submarines 2 hna tuah chih ding ah an chiah lai, $30 billion hi  Police le law lei caah asi, $1 trillion hi ‘billionaire’s tax’ Biden ati mi hi asi, mi harsa bawmnak ah $100 million leng tangka an pek ding asi.

Biden’s $5.8T budget:-

The headline items including taxes and defense (and what is tucked inside) Includes a minimum 20% tax on the incomes of households worth $100 million or more. Corporate tax rate will be raised from 21% to 28%. Plans to reduce the deficit by $1trillion over the next 10 years. 18% increase in the IRS budget. $813.3 billion in defense and national security, aimed at countering threats from North Korea and Iran Additional $ 682 million for Ukraine, ‘to counter Russian malign influence and to meet emerging needs related to security, energy, cybersecurity issues, disinformation, macroeconomic stabilization, and civil society resilience $81.7 billion to Department of Health and Human Services over the next five years to prepare for future pandemics.

$3.3 billion to support clean energy projects and $18 billion for climate resilience programs..Includes the backing for a Civilian Climate Corps. $309 million for border security and $494 million to help processing migrants.That includes $150 million for lawyers to represent migrants during immigration proceedings. $1 billion for school counselors after the COVID pandemic $10 billion for election administration – including ‘making ballots postage free’

Russia lei idohnak ah hriamnam sung zat le ralkap sung zat hna kan langhter tawn cang atu ah Ukraine lei ah an sung mi hriamnam le ralkap hna cu,

Russian forces nih, 60 Ukrainian nationalists, 2 tanks, 4 infantry fighting vehicles, 9 vehicles suimilam 24 liam ah khan an kah chiat piak ati, 30 March ah khan high-precision air-based missiles hmang in Ukraine fuel depots eastern &  northern mi an kap chia, Operational-tactical & army aviation nih 52 Ukrainian facilities an kap chia, Russian air defence nih 18 Ukrainian drones kap chia,  Bayraktar -TB2 1 an kah piak, Adih lak in 124 aircraft& 77 helicopters, 216 anti-aircraft missile systems, 341 drones, 1,815 tanks & armoured combat vehicles, 195 multiple launch rocket systems, 762 field artillery & mortars, 1,689 Ukrainian armed forces special military vehicles hna, Ukraine operations ngeih lio ah kah chiat piak tiah report nih alanghter.

Great Britain sanctions – Sputnik’s Head Anton Anisimov, UK sanctions- Rossiya Segodnya International News Agency Peskov US  nih hin the Kremlin ah thil cang mi zei hmanh an theih lo, Pentagon nih Putin cu Ukraine invasion ah bia dik taktak an theih lo atimi cu, an mah hna nih an theih lo ruang ah asi tiah an ti.