Vawlei ram thangcho lio buainak hi asawh sawh asi tilo atu zong ah ram pahnih idoh ding ah ralrin veve an si hawi cang,

Nancy Pelosi nih Honolulu ah Flight Refueling ding in suimilam 3 deng mang can a hman cang, Taiwan ah aphan ngam taktak lai maw tihi asi ko cang??

Vawleipi mit cu China Taiwan invasion ngeih ding ah afu dih ko cang, vawlei ram Neutral ah ruah bik mi ram, Swiss Agency Hruaitu bik nih cun, China Taiwan invasion a phan bak ah cun, Neutrality ngei tak tak mi ram hna zong nih China hi sanctions in hrem an si lai tiah azum kong Reuters ah tar lang asi, Taiwan Island minung 23 million long umnak hna nih hin, an future ding ah China tel bak lo in ngeih cho peng an duh khi asi, nain China nih a timpi ve fawn lo hi an buainak bik cu asi,-Neue Zuercher Zeitung paper bia halnak ah, Switzerland nih EU sanctions hi China lak ah a hmang lai maw tiah atimi cu, State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO) Director Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch said nih “I strongly believe that we would adopt such sanctions” Fak nawn in sanctions lai tiin a leh.

Director Marie-Gabrielle Ineichen-Fleisch nih hin Russia Ukraine idohnak ah EU nih Russia an sanctions bantuk te cu asi lai lo, mah nak in afak lai tiah ati, “Switzerland nih China lak ah sanctions kan pek law law asi ah cun, Russia sanctions bantuk sawh sawh asi lai lo, lianpi in asi lai afaktuk lai ati, EU, USA, Switzerland hna ah fakpi in an chim hna cang khi asi, nain mah thil hi phan lo khawh siselaw ka duh, Switzerland hi Russia elites pawl hna an tlawngnak hmunpi bi kasi, Russia Ukraine idohnak ah hin July ah khan Russia assets &15 properties 6.7 billion Swiss francs ($7.04 billion) an hren piak lio khi asi.

China le Taiwan long si lo Japan le South Korea zong an luat lai lo, US China tension azual deuhnak chan cu, vawlei cung ah min ngei Nu pakhat Nancy Pelosi hi asi, South China Morning Post nih US Air Craft Carries & Strike groups USS Ronald Reagan hna nih Singapore chuah tak in, South China Sea lei an pan cang tiah tarlan asi cang, American aircraft carrier USS Ronald Reagan hi guided missile destroyer & guided missile cruiser pin ah, bia dang thar a um than mi ah cun, Nuclear Submarines nih athlithup in a hnu azulh cawlh timi thawng pang zong a um cang mi khi asi.

US officials hna nih Associated Press sin ah Pelosi hi Taiwan ah a tlawng asi ah cun, Pentagon nih Indo-Pacific region ah fighter jets, ships, surveillance assets & military systems dang kuat chih atim tiah thawng thanh asi fawn, Longtian Airbase in Taiwan minutes 7 ah phan khawhnak ah, Flanker-series fighters–Russian-made Su-27s Chinese variants – J-11 or J-16 series –special drones J-6 jets hna cu China lei nih an chiah ready ter an si, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Mark Milley nih “Speaker Nancy Pelosi le an kalpi mi pawl him tein, an tlawng khawhnak ding ah zei poh kan chuah pi lai ati, US Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin nih South Korea, Japan le India ralkap lei hruaitu hna zong achawnh dih hna cang tiah ati.

Taiwanese leader Tsai Ing-wen nih Indo-Pacific region ah hma laknak ding in, Japanese deputies hna pawl -former defense ministers, Shigeru Ishiba & Yasukazu Hamada hna cu mikhual an ngeih lio fawn khi asi, Taiwan zong nih Military Drill exercise code name ‘Han Kuang’ timi cu Taiwan Straits khat lei ah an ngeih cuah mah lio khi asi ve fawn cang, China PLA hna nih khat lei ah an ngeih ve lio fawn khi asi, The armed forces of Taiwan are also conducting exercises, codenamed Han Kuang, on the other side of the Taiwan Strait. The maneuvers have been going on for a week now and are designed to work out scenarios to counter a potential Chinese People’s Liberation Army attack on the island.

Boruak a sang chinchin ko, China Central Television channel CCTV nih Nancy Pelosi Taiwan ah, arak tlawng phawt ah cun, Taiwan ton ding asi ati, China pawl nih hin Pelosi flight track Radar 42 ah an zoh lio asi, China nih hin America nih hin Red Line an Cross bak ah cun apoituk lai ati, United States nih China challenge in Red Line an cross bak ah cun tiin, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian nih Xinhua CCTV ah warning peknak achim,

United States hi challenge tu asi ah cun chiatnak vialte hna an hmuh lai, an tuh mi thei par an zun lai tiin, Zhoa nih daily news briefing bia halnak ah lehnak asi, ‘U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’ nih Taiwan a tlawng/visit bak ah cun tiin reporters hna sin ah atu bantuk in an chim piak hna khi asi.

Beijing July 29 Xinhua – If the United States challenges China’s red line, it will be met with resolute countermeasures, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian said on Friday. The U.S. side must bear all consequences arising therefrom, Zhao said at a daily news briefing when answering a query on whether U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s potential visit to Taiwan would ruin the atmosphere for holding more high level dialogues between China and the United States. US le China Taiwan karlak boruak cu asang taktak ko cang thuhpheh ding zeihmanh a um ti lo, PLA nih social media lei ah Naval exercise South China Sea an ngeih lio mi hi, warning sawh sawh asi ti lo tiah news site report nih atial bak ko cang.

Atu ah hin PLA hna nih Taiwan pawng Fujian Province ah hriamnam an luhter peng cang khi asi, PLA-300-mm MLRS PHL-03 Chinese province of Fujian, Taiwan pawng ah asi, Flightradar24 has restricted access to view the location of Nancy Pelosi’s plane Earlier, the plane landed at the Honolulu airport, and almost 100 thousand people watched the flight of the speaker of the US House of Representatives.

Nancy Pelosi Taiwan ah tlawng ding in Hawaii ah Refueling ding in atum, China nih Taiwan pawng ah Drill turu tuk mi an ngeih lio, Pelosi Flight 65,000+ Monitoring tu a ngei lio 65,000+ Monitoring Nancy Pelosi’s Flight to Taiwan – China Conducts Drills. The speaker of the House left a US airbase early Saturday and appears to have landed in Hawaii while en route to the island. That’s as China has been conducting massive military drills near Taiwan, with the PLA posting Friday the US should: “Prepare for war!”