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Zelensky nih hriamnam tampi kan herh rih, Norway le Australia parliament ah bia chimnak le bawmnak ahal mi cu,

Ukranian President Zelinsky nih America nih Ukraine caah $500m aid an pek chih ding ah lawmnak tampi angei, nain azarih lo tiah ati, Freedom & Defender of democracy tiin akan chim nain, atu ah hin athuat/dohtu taktak cu Ukraine long kan si ati, Can har ngai ngai kan ton lio asi, nan kan bawmnak ah ka lawm ko, nain azarih bak lo, kan herh mi thil tampi asi timi nan theih ceu ko kha ati, Zelensky nih Russia & Ukraine ichawnhnak ngeih asi ko hmanh ah, Russia biachim cu holhka long asi, ataktak hmalaknak a um lo ati, Friday ibiakchawnhnak ding ah boruak zei dah asi lai timi ahngat lai ati.

UK Spy Chief Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) chief Jeremy Fleming, nih Russia ralkap hna cu sau ngai in Ukraine order ah an um cang, nawl pek cang zong ah an pawm duh lo tiah ati, President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy addresses Norway’s Parliament ah, Russia ralkap hna nih hin timnak bik zong an ngei lo, hospitals & residential areas cu chun zan an thuat peng, Russia ralkap hna nih hin an hriamnam ngeih atha ngai ko, nain duh ning in an cawlcang kho lo, Russia nih Black Sea ah mines an chiah ah hin boruak tih nung ah acing ko, Norway border chiatter long si lo in, environment tampi chiatter khi asi, Norway nih hin Russian vessels hna nih European ports an hman khawh lonak ding ah, banned piak rih ahau lai ati, Russia hi nan hrem lo ah cun hmun dang ah buainak atam chinchin lai, ‘Russia against Ukraine’ long si lo Europe pumpi ca zong ah asi ati.

The President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy addressed the Australian Parliament ah, 2014 ah Russia nih Ukraine a doh ah khan vawlei nih Russia hrem siselaw 2022 ah hi bantuk thil hi achuak lai lo, vawlei nih international security mechanisms an tuah sual sersiamnak can asi, Russia nih sanctions an ton lonak ding ah lam kawlpi lo atha, Ukraine nih hin battlefield ah her lo kan ngei lo vawlei nih na kan bawm rih aher ngai rih ko ati.

S Korea zong nih Khrihfa Ukraine ram cu zoh sawh sawh ngam ve bak tilo caah bawm ding in ralkap an lut ve cang,

Atu zong ah idoh peng asi rih ko caah, S Korea lei in Ukraine mipi hna chanh ve ding kal asi cang, Russian ralkap hna thuat doh pi ding in a pe mi, Former Korean UDT/Seal Officer Lt Ken Rhee International Ligion bak ah cathanh an tuah ko cang, Ukraine mipi tuar ning an zoh ngam tilo ruang ah atu bantuk in Ukraine ram mipi kilhven pi ding in le Russia ralkap doh pi ding in biachahnak an ngei khi asi, Official Statement cu aning te in atang lei bantuk hi asi.

Ken Rhee’s Official Statement:-

To the Korean People,There has been a lot of speculation and conflicting information about my whereabouts since I came to Ukraine. Therefore, I would like to update you all and clear up any misunderstandings. When I arrived at the International Legion and after signing my contract, I was tasked with creating a special team of multinational combat veterans. My team was then given assignments that are confidential. Please do not speculate on their duration or location. We have since yesterday been redeployed and are conducting direct offensive operations.

For security reasons, I am afraid that I can not disclose any further details. I have the full backing of my superiors, the Armed Forces, and the Ukrainian people. I know that all are very grateful for the work that the international legionnaires are doing here.

Thank you.

LT Ken Rhee