Australian Senator Dean Smith-nih Delhi Ralzam mi le Mizoram Myanmar ralzam kong ah Governor a ton nak kong,

Myanmar ralzam kong ah Australian Senator-nih Mizoram Governor a ton nak ah, Mizoram arak tlawng mi, Australian Senator Dean Smith nih October 6 ah khan, Myanmar ralzam kong ah, Mizoram Governor aton, Mizoram Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati nih Raj Bhavan-ah aton hna, Governor le Australian Senator itonnak ah hin, Mizoram dirhmun le hmalak ning konglam hna an chim hna khi asi, India le Australia hna ipeh tlainak cu, naite ah fakpi in thanchonak a ngei tiah an chim.

Sumdawn tinak pin ah lam dang dang hna ah, hawithatnak afekter deuh deuh khi asi fawn tiah an chim, Senator Dean Smith nih hin, Mizoram arak tlawng chan pawimawh ngai mi pakhat cu, Myanmar ralzam hna kong asi tiin a chim, Mizoram acoyah nih zeitin dah hma an lak? Ralzam hna hi bia taktein an dirhmun ruah piak nak hna an ngei maw? Timi hna an hal khi asi, Governor Dr. Hari Babu Kambhampati nih Myanmar acoyah ralkap nawl ngeihnak hmang in hlonh asi hnu ah, Mizoram hmun dang dang ah ralzam hna anrak lut kha asi.

Mah hna cu humanitarian ground bantuk in dawn/khamh phung asi lo, ramzam tampi hna hi Chin state-ah um Zo hnahthlak hna an si kong chim asi, Mizoram mipi hna nih asi khawh chung in tha le tlamtling in zohkhen asi, Acoyah zong nih thil herh bik ah cun hma an lakpi vetawn tiin achim piak fawn, Senator Dean Smith nih Mizo hna le Chin state-ah um mi hna cu, unau an si tiah arak theih cang kong achim ve fawn.

Australia-zong ah Chin state-ah um mi hna tampi an um ve lio kong le Australia acoyah nih bia tak tein an zohkhen kong achim piak ve, Myanmar mipi acoyah cu, ralkap nawl ngeihnak hmang in hlonh asi ruang ah, mipi tuarnak cu Australia acoyah nih cun, pawi kan ti ngai mi asi tiah a chim fawn, Myanmar ralkap thil tuah ning cu bia tak tein kan hlatthlai peng lio asi, India cu hawitha asi bantuk in, Myanmar ralzam hna cu tha taka rak zohkhen ding in nawl asi fawn.

Australian Senator hi Pu H.Rammawi, Vice Chairman State Planning Board-nih arak zulh ve fawn, Chief Minister Pu Zoramthanga a ton fawn, CYMA hruaitu hna zong an ton hna tiah theih asi, Mizoram chung ah ralzam hmun dang dang ah um mi hna vialte he minung 33,700 hrawng an si cang tiah report pek asi.

New Delhi ah tuah mi Interpol (International Police Organization) Meeting pi ah SAC ralhrang lei an rak kai ve, SAC ralhrang nih Police chief sinak rian an pek mi Major General Zin Min Htet cu Interpol meeting ah a rak kai ve tiah langhter a si, SAC a dohkalh tu, SAC nih ralhrang ah thah mi mibu chung minung pawl tlaih le Kawlram ah kuatnak kong a chim, Malaysia, Indonesia le Thailand tbk he zong a dang tein tonnak an ngei ti a si, CDM police le ralkap tbk le hriamtlai minung le bawmtu hna zong India ram, Delhi tbk ah ralrin thiam deuh a herh ve ko hih.

A taang hi Irrawaddy nih a tarlangh mi a si…

Junta-appointed police chief Major General Zin Min Htet attended the 90th General Assembly of the international police organization, Interpol, in India last week, where he called for cooperation to tackle expats from Myanmar opposing the regime. The general assembly was held from October 18-21 in New Delhi. Of 195 member countries, 170 sent high-level delegations. The junta’s police chief held talks with the director-general of Malaysia’s Criminal Investigation Department Police Major General Kamarudin Amin and Indonesia’s Interpol Secretary Police Brigadier General Amur Chandra Juli Buana.

Zin Min Htet reportedly discussed the handover of Myanmar’s citizens who the regime has described as “terrorists” from Malaysia and Indonesia. The regime labels its opponents as terrorists, including the civilian National Unity Government and its parliamentary and armed wings. On October 6, Malaysia detained and deported six striking naval officers from Myanmar who sought asylum through the United Nations refugee agency, the UNHCR. Beauty contestant Han Lay, who had been living in Thailand after Myanmar’s regime charged her with high treason for criticizing the junta at the Miss Grand International beauty pageant in Thailand last year, was denied entry at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok on September 21 on her return from Vietnam and was stranded before she was granted asylum in Canada.

Zin Min Htet, who is also the deputy home affairs minister, had an informal meeting with the chief of the Royal Thai Police Police General Damrongsak Kittiprapas at the general assembly. On October 22, the police chief met Thailand’s Police Major General Khemmarin Hassiri in Bangkok and discussed the illegal settlement of migrants and police cooperation against Myanmar’s “terrorists” at the border, according to junta media. In February, the regime called on international security organizations to help fight “terrorism”. Interpol said it did not interfere in domestic crises.