Meithal kah thiam bik min thang ngai mi cu an luhter cang pin ah van cung in raldohnak thar pahnih an ngah fawn lawmpi awk bak asi ko,

Meithal kah thiam bik min thang ngai mi cu an luhter cang,   

Vawlei cung ah sniper tih anung bik le athiam bik tiah alar ngai ngai cang mi, Canadian mi Wali  tiah an auh mi cu, Russia ralkap hna thuat ding ah Ukraine ralkap hna chung ah lut ve ding in Ukraine an phan ve cang tiah theih asi, Ukraine ralkap hna an joint ve cawlh cang khi asi, amah hi Kum 40 asi rih mi Wali tiah auh mi hi, Canadian Armed Force tang ah vawihnih kum 2009 le 2011 kum ah khan Afghanistan ah kalter arak sic ang, Iraq ram zong ah ISIS thuatter ding ah kum 2015 ah khan kalter fawn asi cang, Sniper thiam tih anung mi Canadian Wali hi world longest confirmed kill 3.5 KM record ngei lio asi fawn, km 3.5 sau/hlatnak ah a um mi minung hi, hmun dangpi in aho hmanh theih lonak hmun in nikhat ah minung 4-5 kar lak hi athah khawh peng tawn tiah theih asi.

Khawika lei in dah akan kah timi hi an thei khawh bal lo khi asi, mah caah cun an ral hna ca ding ah cun tih anung taktak mi sniper asi taktak ko, Iraq ram ralkap hna nih an tih bik mi zong asi, Iraq ralkap captain le an Officer pahnih he ralkap zei maw zat khuapi pawng ah ruak an hmuh tawn khi asi, mah thil cang mi an hlatthlai hnu ah Snipar thimtuk mi le tih anung tuk mi Canadian Wali asi tiah an theih hnu ah cun ralkap tampi hna nih aher lo ah aleng ah chuah hna hi anrak tih ngaingai khi asi tiah news site ah Canadian nawl ngeitu pakhat nih atu bantuk in Ukraine ah an kalter lio ah achim mi asi.

Raldohnak Helicopter thar including five Mi-17V5s and one Mi-8MTV, as part of U.S. military aid Ukraine nih angah fawn,

Ukrainian army to receive ex-Afghan helicopters

The Ukrainian Armed Forces expects to receive new helicopters, including five Mi-17V5s and one Mi-8MTV, as part of U.S. military aid.

The U.S. reportedly will provide Ukraine with six helicopters that previously belonged to the Afghan Air Force. The first batch of helicopters is expected to arrive in Ukraine this spring.

Reports from outlets in Afghanistan had suggested that about two dozen Mi-8/17 type helicopters of the Afghan Air Force are now outside the country and their fate remains unknown.

According to Scramble Magazine, these helicopters have undoubtedly been used during the fled of Afghan government leaders and military personnel to neighboring countries as Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.