US Ram Bak Ah Hi Bantuk Thawngpang Theih Hi Cu Laimi Kan Van A Tha Tak Tak.

USA ram Indiana University ah Halkha ca, cawn khawh si cang lai.

US ram i Indiana University an ti lengmang mi minthang tak takmi University ah Hakha Ca (Laica) cawn khawh dingin timh lamhnak a um cang. A sunglawi kho tak tak si. Hibantuk in kan laica bak asimi kan fa nau hna nih an cawn khawh ding khi a sunglawi tuk.

Credit tha an hmuh khawhnak ding ca zong ah bawmtu a si theo lai. Hibantuk in US ram Indiana University bak i laic a cawn khawh dingin a tawlreltu cungah lawmhnak tampi a um hringhran. Hi thil hi US universities dang ah tuah bal bak lomi a si. Kanmah laimi caah Special course phun in tuahpiakmi a lo ngai ngai. Student zapi caah cawn khawh ding a si. A cawn man hi ESTIMATED TUITION & FEES: $620 (2 undergraduate credits),$175 (IU summer 2021 combined mandatory fee for 1-2 credits),$100 (Language Workshop fee).

ELIGIBILITY:This course is open to all, including: Students from Indiana University,Students from other universities and colleges,Graduate, undergraduate, and community college students,Life-long learners, High-school students over age 16

Mirang in aa tial ning hin van rel tuah : The Language Workshop’s Special Topics course provides hands-on instruction in a language of practical or academic relevance that is not taught in US universities. The summer 2021 offering is Hakha Lai, a language spoken in Chin State in Myanmar and in refugee communities in the US States, Norway, and Australia. Large communities of Hakha Lai speakers reside in Indianapolis and in Fort Wayne. Hakha Lai language services are in critically short supply in schools, hospitals, emergency service providers, and social service providers in central Indiana.

Chin Dress and fashion Photo. ABOUT THE LEVEL 1 COURSE:Developed in collaboration with the Chin Languages Reseach Project, the Hakha Lai program is designed to develop students’ linguistic competency and cultural literacy rapidly and effectively, through formal classroom instruction, extracurricular activities, extensive use of authentic materials, and real-time interactions with instructors and presenters from Burmese refugee communities in Indiana and beyond.

Classes are conducted primarily in Hakha Lai, and emphasize the development of real-time, primarily oral communication skills. Students who complete this course successfully will complete the equivalent of a 1st-semester curriculum in Hakha Lai, and will reach a speaking proficiency equivalent to the Novice High level or better. They will be able to communicate in familiar day-to-day situations in Lai, will be able to exchange information on familiar topics, and will have a solid foundation for further study or work with Hakha Lai-speaking populations. The program introduces Lai culture through work with authentic materials, as well as Lai activities and structured interactions with Hakha Lai speakers.