Israel nih Lebanon he idoh ding ah Tank ralrinter cang Karish Gas field icuh nak kong ah an iremh khawh lo,

Israel nih Lebanon he idoh ding ah Tank ralrinter cang Karish Gas field icuh nak kong ah an iremh khawh lo,

Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz nih top military brass hna he, meeting an ngeih dih ah IDF hna meithalpi le tanks hna ready cang ding in nawl pe kasi, Zar hmasa ah khan tar lan cang bantuk khan, America tauh mi iremnak i.e Lebanon le Israel nih, Mediterranean Sea lei Gas cawh chuah khawhnak field, an iphawr ding ah an tuah ko, Lebanon PM etc nih America ruahmannak hi an pawm ko nain, Hezbollah commander Hassan Nasrallah nih rem ati lo kha asi.

Mediterranean gas field ah Israel & Lebanon hna nih an duh ning an chim veve khi asi, Israel’s Prime Minister Yair Lapid nih Lebanon hna duh ning arak pharh mi cu a pawm khawh lo, ram aiawh hna nih Lebanon hna duh ning cu, hnawnter ding in nawl pe kasi, Lebanese official Elias Bou Saab ab proposal an ngeih mi hna pharh asi ko nain, Israel nih an ram chung ah an ruah mi, an ram economy dirthat than nak ding ah, tampi cu Lebanon kut ah pek an siang lo.

Israel’s Opposition Leader Benjamin Netanyahu nih PM Lapid arak kap, “Nasrallah threatened -and Lapid folded,” “Lapid hi kei le ka hawi hna nih kan chim peng, Lebanon duh ning hi pawm lo ding ah, Hi agreement ah hin sungkhan ding asi lo, Israel nih hin leadership cak/thawn kan herh ko, Israel hi Hassan Nasrallah, Secretary-General of Hezbollah duh ning in kan kal lai lo, the Knesset rem tipi nak lo ah cun, zei bantuk agreements hmanh kan pawm lai lo ati”.

Karish, Israel gas field, hi Kana, reservoir pawngte ami asi, Lebanese & Israel tipi afonh mi hi Lebanon lei nih hin an duh ve, Israel nih an siang lo, IDF hna nih defensive & offensive ding in, timtuah cuah mah lio asi, Lebanon he idoh ding ah hin, IDF le ralkap hna, Tanks hna tiang ready ter ding ah nawl pek cang khi asi, zei thil dah arak chuak te lai zoh phawt ko u sih.

Israel doctor thiamnak hi arak sang bak ko Nu Tzvia kum 20 liam can ah cancer asi ruang ah “Cithlah” ding chiahter asi,

Israel Nu pakhat Tzvia an timi cu kum 20 liam can ah khan cancer a ngeih ruang ah, cithlah ding ah “Ci” chiahter asi, kum 46 asi cang mi nih, thlakip period zong a ngei ti lo kha asi cang, Sihmanselaw Doctor hna nih thlakip period ngeihter than in, ‘IVF’ jection fapuaiter si lo in, fapuai ning taktak in fa apuaiter khawh than mi asi, Tzvia nih hin fanu a ningte in ahrin/chuahter mi angei than ko, a fanu min ah ‘Eshkar’ / Gift/ ‘Thil alak in pek’ tiah ati, Kum 20 liam cang ah khan cancer kai ah overies transplanting hi theory long kha asi.

Gynecologist, Prof. Ariel Revel, The Times of Israel “She conceived spontaneously at age 45, and she now has a baby girl thanks to pieces of her ovary that were in liquid nitrogen for two decades. I visited her home after the birth and cried tears of joy, thinking about the fact that hopes in a lab all those years ago actually resulted in a baby.

Not only is this a world record, but it also raises the possibility that in the future woman could routinely conceive much older by freezing ovaries in their 20s. What is more, it suggests that this could provide a way to actually prevent menopause”.