Theihtlei (Informative)

Vawlei ralpi chuahnak a nai taktak ko cang ram pakhat le pakhat tangti ding ah a phu phu in zei maw zat an dir than pin ah hriamnam lei tiang bawm ding mi hna cu,

Israel nih Laser Missile Defense – Saudi Arabia sin ah zuar ding in,

Jerusalem nih Israeli-made “Iron Beam” laser-powered missile defense system cu UAE &  Saudi Arabia nih cawk ding ah an hal, amah belte cu mah thil zuar ding ah hin, President Joe Biden sin ah zuar chuah khawhnak ding sianh piaknak hal aher te lai tiah, Time of Israel nih an tar lang mi asi, zei ruang adah Israel nih hriamnam zuar chuah ding ah hin US sianh piaknak aher kan ti asi ah cun, Israel hriamnam an tuah nak ding ah hin tangka dih ding vialte hna chung ah hin US nih 70% hi an bawm ruang ah asi, cun kum chiar in US nih hin Israel nih ramri venhimnak ding ah an pek mi hi $100bn leng hi kumchiar in an bwam mi asi, mahruang ah cun ram tampi hna nih Israel kut chuak hi cawk an duhtuk ko nain an zuar bal lo khi asi.

Mah thil hi zei dang ruang ah si lo in, US le Israel hna nih Middle East ah Iran doh ding ah, Military Alliance thar an tuah mi thazang ca ding ah asi, July ah Biden nih Israel a tlawng lai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Bahrain, & Israel hna he US-led Middle East alliance hriamnam le ralkap thazang ngeih deuh deuh ding ah, bawmnak lam le hriamnam tha ngeih ve khawh ding ah mah itonnak ah cun biapi bik in chim asi lai tiah Israel news report ah langhter asi.

NATO ram caah tih anung mi cu Russia asi,

NATO Summit Madrid lei ithuat lio nak ah NATO Chief Stoltenberg nih, NATO Alliance members hna caah, tih nung bik ram cu Russia hi asi ko, Finland Sweden hna zong nih NATO summit ah hin sawm ve cawlh asi fawn, Madrid summit an ngeih lio ah NATO’s new Strategic Concept 2030 cu Russia thiamthiam, Ukraine non-lethal weapons pek chih, Alliance members hna chung ah cyber defense & modernization of the defense industry hna ah hma lak ding hna hi ceih asi.

China nih Asia-NATO dir thar mi cu anrak soisel ngai ngai,

US New Zealand Japan Australia South Korea hna nih Indo – Pacific lei ah QUAD bantuk deuh in, Military bloc thar an dir, mah an dirnak chan cu zei dang ruang ah si lo in, Indo-Pacific lei ah China influence/aluling tuk ding mi vennak ding ah tiah, New Zealand tel in block nak ding ah dir mi asi, Chinese UN envoy Zhang Jun nih West pawl nih, NATO Alliance an dir mi a za ko lo maw? Asia ah zei dah NATO concept dang ngeih a herhnak chan? US nih hin vawlei ram dang thangcho ding hi an hmuh khawh bak lo, Indo-Pacific region ah hin nan lak ah zei maw tuah a her lem lo ati, Ukraine buainak hi remcang ah hmang in ram dang thangcho ding dawnkhan tu ding ah lam kawlnak asi, thil san tlai lo Cold War script than peng cu, Asia-Pacific ah hin hman a her lo” tiin UNSC meeting nak a thaizing ah meeting nak ah a chim.

Turkey caah F-16 ngeih khawh ding ah beiseinak asang chinchin,

Sweden Finland nih NATO Alliance an joint khawhnak ding ah, President Biden nih Erdagon cu nemter khawh, Sweden le Finland hna nih Kurds / PPK Ankara nih Terrorist an timi minung 33 cu, Ankara kut ah an pekchuah cawlh ding asi, An pek chuah lo ah cun Turkey nih NATO Permanent members an si khwahnak lam dawnkhantu asi than lai, President Joe Biden nih Turkey F-16 cawkter ding ah an duh nain, US Lawmakers hna nawl asi ati,”What I said was, I said back in December, as you’ll recall, we should sell them the F-16 jets and modernise those jets as well. It’s not in our interest not to do that. And there was no quid pro quo with that. It was just that we should sell, but I need congressional approval to be able to do that. And I think we can get that.” Greece prime minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis zong nih Joe Biden sin ah Officially in Lockheed Martin tuah mi F-35 fighter jets 20 hrawng cawk ding ah ahal, Turkey le Greece hi an irem lo ngai mi an si.

NATO hna nih hin mi challenge long maw an thiam??

North Atlantic Treaty Organisation’s (NATO) hna strategic concept thar an chuahter, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian nih US led Military Alliances hna nih “China Threats” an timi anrak ngai pawi mwah cu, anva swah hna, Lijian nih mah blocs nih hin “Cold War ideology hmang lo, midang hna soisel peng lo ding in anva sik, NATO nih China ralkap le defence policy hna hmuh lo bantuk in a umter tiah a puh, Lijian nih “China is gravely concerned over this and firmly opposes it. China is known to be a force for world peace, a contributor to global development, and a’defender of the international order. China has never invaded any country, never launched a proxy war, and never joined or formed any military bloc”.

China’s mission European Union zong nih the NATO’s strategic concept soisel in ” NATO Alliance hna nih China nih vawlei caah, tih nung tuahtu akan ti maw? An mah hna deuh khi an si, vawlei dirhmun derthawng ah chiah tu cu, NATO tel lo nak ah hin idohnak hmuh ding a um maw?? 2022 strategy, NATO Madrid Summit an nheih ah vawlei ah ram tih nungter ah Russia le China an chiah”systematic challenges posed by People’s Republic of China to Euro-Atlantic security”tiah an ti.