China ram Nuclear Power Plants cu a leak ruang ah khar ‘shutdown’ hrimhrim aherh cang tiah CNN interview report nih ati,

French co-owner nuclear power plant, China ah um mi cu buainak faktuk in an ngei cang ruang ah, dinter Shutdown hrimhrim aher ko cang lai tiin CNN interview nak ah a chim, Spokesperson for Electricite de France (EDF) nih cun China’s Taishan Nuclear Power Plant, southern Guandong province, ah um lio mi cu buainak an ngei an ngei tiah report ah langhter asi.

Electricite de France (EDF) spokesman nih Nuclear Power Plants hi France ah um selaw tih nung asi tuk asi caah an khar diam cang lai at, Electricite de France (EDF) hna hi China General Nuclear Power Group (CGN) ah share holder lian ngai mi asi, China in pha June ah khan French company Framatome EDF subsidiary, Taishan ngeitu nih cun radiology lei ah tih nung asi caah, thil leak a um mi hi US lei mi thiamhna ch thlatthlai ter ding in nawl asi cang ati.

‘Imminent radiological threat’ at the plant, promoting the US government to investigate the possibility of a leak, mah hnu ah French company Framatome nih hin Chinese safety authority sin ah, radiation aleng lei ah a leak ngai ngai cu, nuclear plants hi shutdown dinter aherh le herh lo zoh fian ding in nawl arak si cang.

Asi nain China lei nih cun zei hmanh tih nung in a um lo tiah, ‘no abnormality in the radiation environment” and the safety of the plant was “guaranteed” an ti, Chinese nuclear safety administration hna nih radioactivity level asang timi hi an theih ko, asi nain radiological leakage accident hna bantuk asi lo, operations a ning tein akal khawh tiah ati.

According to the spokesperson, EDF would have shut down the reactor in order to “avoid further degrading of the fuel rods, and carry out an investigation, and avoid further damage to the industrial facility’. But the ultimate decision is up to TNPJVC, which intends to carry out its own analysis,” the spokesperson added.