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Ukraine lei thawng pang tlawm pal Ukraine nih Grain Exports zuar khawh ding in hmasa bik ah chuahter asi cang ram tampi an lawm ngai,

Vawlei rawltam in a um deng mang cang lio ah Pathian khawkhan nak in Ukraine Grain can sau ngai chuahter khawh lo in a um hnu ah, Nizan ah khan Ukraine ports in Grain phur Lawng lian chuahter khawh asi cang, mah hi United Nations le Turkey hna nih bia tak tein an riantuan nak le hma lak nak ruang ah, a thei par kan hmuh khawh mi asi, vawlei cung ah wheat le Grain 30% hi Russia le Ukraine ram chung in vawlei hmun dang dang hna ah kuat chuah mi asi, port of Odesa in Grain phur lawng lian nih hin Lebanon lei an pan cuah mah khi asi cang, Sierra Leone-flagged ship Razoni, nih Fungvoi/vaimim 26,000 tons a phur mi asi, Oleksandr Kubrakov, Ukraine’s infrastructure minister, nih kan partners hna hmalak nak ruang ah asi tiah ati.

Ukraine nih vawlei rawltam ding hna a ven khawh than cang lai ati, Ukraine’s economy $1bn foreign exchange revenue an pek lai. Oleksandr Kubrakov @OlKubrakov Follow The first Ukraine grain ship since Russian Aggression has left port. Thanks to the support of all our partner countries & @UN we were able to full implement the Agreement signed in Istanbul. It’s important for us to be one of the guarantors of food security asi cang lai.

Ukrainian forces hna nih Russian kut in 40 settlements southern region of Kherson, ah um mi an lak than cang, Russia nih economically & strategically pawimawh mi vialte an lak dih kha asi, Ukrainians hna nih western-supplied long-range artillery hmang in counteroffensive anrak thuat ngai ngai khi asi, “Today, 46 settlements have already been de-occupied in the Kherson region,” Dmytro Butriy, the head of the Ukrainian regional administration, Russia nih Hospital an kah chiat ruang ah, mayor of Mykolaiv Oleksandr Syenkevych cu, athin ahung ngai ‘cynical terrorism’ tiah ati piak.

Ukraine’s defence minister Oleksii Reznikov nih US-made high mobility artillery rocket systems (Himars), 4 an ngah than tiah langhter asi, ‘4 additional HIMARS have arrived in Ukraine, I’m grateful to @POTUS @SecDef Lloyd Austin III and 🇺🇸 people for strengthening of US army, We have proven to be smart operators of this weapon. The sound of the HIMARS volley has become a top hit of this summer at the front lines! Oleksii Reznikov oleksiireznikov August 1, 202, European Union hna nih Ukraine €1bn (£837m) financial aid an pek, 500 million Central Bank ah a um cang, ‘The €1bn is a part of a large package of support for Ukraine totalling €9bn. The funds will help finance priority budgetary needs’ bawmnak hi an ngah peng fawn cang khi asi.