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America Navy Aircraft Carrier thar bik cem cu NATO lei ah kalter asi cang akalter nak chan cu??

US Navy’s advanced aircraft carrier thar bik, technology sang le atu lio hriamnam tha bik cemcem he fit le ken, USS Gerald R. Ford world’s largest Navy base, Norfolk, Virginia in strike group destroyers, submarine etc hna he NATO Alliance hna training ngeih pi ding in an thawk chuak cang ko, USS Gerald R. Ford Aircraft Carrier strike group nih hin, Atlantic Ocean ah ram cheu khat France, Germany & Sweden ram dang hna he, Naval exercise dang dang le -anti-submarine warfare tel in hmaizar ah khin an ngei cang lai.

The $13.3 billion warship the nation’s most expensive is the first of the Navy’s new Ford class of aircraft carriers. They use an electromagnetic system for launching planes, which replace steam catapults and are supposed to increase flying missions by a third. Russia nih Ukraine ah Region hmun 4 cu zalong/Independent phuan asi ruang ah le Ukraine President Zalensky zong nih mah region cu, ka lak than ko lai zeitik hmanh ah kan ram hi miram ah acing khawh lai lo tiah ati ve fawn kha asi.

Cun Ukraine nih NATO member si ding in application an luhter fawn cang khi asi, achan cu Russia nih an doh peng rih caah atu ah cun, vawlei theih bak in Zalensky nih NATO member si ding ah thuhpheh ngei bak lo in, halnak pe kasi ve cang fawn, cu ti asi ah cun NATO member pa khatkhat ram chung ah buainak pakhat khat a um ah cun, NATO member vialte nih chanhim ding tiin dan/dun an ngeih caah, Ukraine nih NATO member asi long long ah a ram nih himnak angei lai tiah theih bu in atu bantuk in, NATO member si ding ah halnak application a pek ve bak cang khi asi.

NATO member taktak ah confirm asi hlan ah cun atu bantuk in hriamnam he an bawm peng rih ko lai, an ram venhimnak ding ah, amah belte cu Nato member ah pawm/confirm asi cang hnu ah cun, a herh ning in ralkap tha zang le hriamnam, Jet fighter hna tiang in an bawm khawh cang laik hi asi, Ukraine ram chung ah Region 4 cu Russia nih an aiawh hna auh in, sign ter asi ko hmanh ah UN ah ram aiawh hna nih vote an thlak nak ah an dih lak in pawmpi lo lei ah vote an thlak ko nain, Russia nih veto power hmang in an hnawn piak khi asi, nain vawleipi hmuh ah Russia cu asung phun khin alang thiamthiam tiah report ah an langhter khi asi.

Nihin ah khan mah Region 4 chung ah pakhat Layman Donetsk’s region cu, Ukraine ralkap hna nih an lak than cang tiah theih asi, Russian forces leave Lyman: Eastern Ukraine lei ah Ukranians ralkap hna cawlcangthatnak anrak ngeih ve fawn khi asi, Putin nih an ram 15% tluk a lak piak hnu ah, thawngpang tha lawm umtuk pakhat nak asi ve khi asi, Nihin chun ah khan Ukranians ralkap hna nih Layman pawngkam hna cu an kulh dih hnu ah, Russia ralkap 5,000 -5,500 karlak an umnak cu, Russia’s ministry of defence nih via Telegram hmang in Layman an chuah tak dih cang tiin an phuang kha asi.

Ukraine ralkap hna nih hin Layman hmun ah Slava Ukranian ti pah in Ukraine Flag an tar ko, Russia Foreign Ministry nih Layman lei ah hin ‘an kulh sual lai timi tih anung ruang ah, frontlines tih nungnak lei ah an ithial deuh khi asi an ti, Serhii Cherevatyi, spokesperson for Ukraine’s eastern forces, “Lyman is important because it is the next step towards the liberation of the Ukrainian Donbas. It is an opportunity to go further to Kreminna and Sievierodonetsk, and it is psychologically very important”