American Navy Seal team chung in Bin Laden athattu pakhat nih President Loe Biden Administration hna cu a nep tuk tiah fak nawn in Asik bak ko,

Rob O’Neill, Navy SEAL, 9/11 mastermind 2011kum ah Pakistan ah Bin Laden kap kap that tu hna chung ah a tel mi pakhat nih, Russia Ukraine invasion ah Biden administration neptuk le Pentagon asik hrep ko, Navy SEAL Rob O’Neill hi Montana native mi nih aho hmanh nih, crazy man nuclear weapons, ngei hi an tei ball ai lo, America acoyah cak lo/ neptuk mi nih hin, kan vawlei dirhmun hi Siangngakchia thazang ngei deuh mi nih thazang ngeituk lemlo ader ngaingai mi a hrem tawn bantuk asi ati, Ka service ve lio ah cun kan ram caah ka hmai ah thil um mi hna cu teinak ka hmuh hlan tiang tuan le thuat hi asi ko, atu ah Biden le Pentagon ve hi cu  Climate Change – Green longte hi an buaipi, America ralkap hna Climate Change an buaipi lio ah, hnulei in Russia & China nih cun capo bia bantuk in an chim-I, an lawm…tuk hna khi asi, ningzah hngal lo Biden iphuak cang ko tiah.

O’Neill nih hin Al Qaeda founder that tu chung ah a tel le tel lo ruang ah lar hi abuaipi lo, American Republican politicians Lindsey Graham hna nih, Vladimir Putin assassination an chim mi hi a kaih lo ngai, Pentagon / White House chim ding khanh asi ati piak fawn, The level of corruption is as high as it has ever been in the United States. These politicians talk from both sides of their mouths. They say one thing and vote for the other. They need handlers” tiah ati.

Nihin ni tiang ah Russia ralkap thimi le hriamnam sungmi vialte hna cu atang lei bantuk asi:-

  • Ralkap minung 12,000 hrawng an thi cang
  • Tanks 374 an sung cang
  • Armoured Vehicle 1226 an sung cang
  • Miakpi 140 an sung cang
  • Rockets kahnak motor 62 an sung cang
  • Vanlawng kahnak motor 34 an sung cang
  • Vanlawng 74 an sung cang
  • Helicopters 84 an sung cang
  • Ralkap motor 600 an sung cang
  • Tilawng 3 an sung cang
  • Oil phur 60 an sung cang
  • Drone (UAV) 7 an sung cang

Ukraine’s Ministry of Defense Russian operated tanks are found in two flavors in Ukraine. Either their tops are blown off or are abandoned in running condition. Its like the Russians are like jedi, they don’t fight unarmed enemies and are donating vast amounts of assets and ammo to help prop am up for the fight. I mean 1,000 vehicles lost in 2 weeks against a non-peer adversary is lol.

Britain Nuclear ngeih mi athat ning cu,

Britain Nuclear deterrence weapon United kingdom nih Nuclear bomb/missiles zeitik can poh ah kah chuah khawh ding in chiah nak, Vanguard class submarines 4 hna chung ah pakhat” vanguard SSBN ‘ asi ( a hnu ah adang pakhat nih a zulh) Mah submarine pakhat hmanh nih hin Trident 2 submarine launch ballistic missiles 16 ceu an ken, mah missile 16 nih cun nuclear bomb 400 kiloton tluk athawng mi, 8 ceu an ken khawh fawn khi asi, Hiroshima atom bomb an thlak mi kha 15 kiloton longte asi, Mah submarines hna nih hin nuclear an phur long si lo in, an engine hna hi Nuclear tha zang hmang asi fawn, Ti chunga ah hin ei/din a um chung cu a um khwah ko tina kasi.