Former world Heavyweight boxing champion asi mi Klitschko unau nih Ukraine ram venhim duh in ralkap alut ve bak cang, uar an um ngai,

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko le a unnaupa hna nih cun, an ram Russia invasion lak ah venhim an duhtuk cang caah Ukraine ralkap an joint ve cang hna, Klitschko brothers hna nih hin Russia thuat an timh ngai ngai ko, Ukrainian Territorial Defence Forces, Kyiv a joint hi Wednesday ah asi, Klitschko nih “Idoh hi phan hall selaw sadhu thah asi, cun thla kacam peng fawn ko nain, arak chuak tho ding ah thil umtu ning nih alanghter cang caah, zei poh ah ready tein um ve hi kan rian asi ati.

“Any parent is going to protect the environment of their child, and there are two ways, you can run, or you can face the challenge, so my choice was to take the challenge”

Ukraine ram zong nih an mipi le ram venhim ding ah thil aherh mi tete hna tiang le ralkap hna zong ready ter dih asi ve cang khi asi, Ukrainian soldiers hna cu US M141 Bunker Defeat Munition (SMAW-D) missiles, Yavoriv military training ground, Lviv pawngkam zong ah, training an ngeihter ve peng khi asi cang, Picture ah kan langhter mi Nu hna hi, Higher School dih ka te an si ko nain Ukraine ram venhim le chanh ding in ralkap anrak joint mi hna an si, Baltic states, Lithuanian Prime Minister Ingrida Simonyte nih Russia cu Belarus ah hriamnam le ralkap hna he war games an ngeih mi cu, Ukraine ram ca long si lo in, European level ca zong ah tih anung mi buainak chuah ding mi thil asi ati, mah caah cun atutan Ukraine ram Russia nih thuat an timh tiah ramri ah ralkap le hriamnam tampi an chiah ruang ah hin, Ukraine mipi hna nih ram venhim duh in ralkap ah mi tampi an lut cang tiah theih asi.

Atu ah mi lar ngai mi Former world heavyweight boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko unau le tanghra aung cang mi Nu hna zong tampi ralkap training an joint ve tiah theih asi, US, UK, Canada le Australia hna nih Ukrain ram caah hin hriamnam tampi an bawm ve hna tik ah, ralkap zong tampi an herh ve chih khi asi, mahr uang ah cun atu ah hin Ukraine tlangval Nungak hna nih an ram venhim ding in ralkap training ah an lut hna khi asi.