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Nihin idohnak thawng pang ah thil fiang alang deuh deuh ko cang Ukraine nih thluachuah angah deuh deuh khat lei an sung deuh deuh,

Ukraine’s eastern Donbas region lei ah an ikap ngai ngai ko, Severodonetsk ah Russia ralkap hna frontline ah kal mi hna cu Ukraine ralkap hna nih anrak kap ngai ngai ko kha! Serhiy Haidai governor of Luhansk region, nih Russia missile nih hospital a fuh, thi le hliam an um ko tiah report asi, Ukraine nih Russia ralkap cawlcangnak ding  hmun 17 ah cawlcang kho lo in an khamh khawh, Russian armoured vehicles 11 an kap chiat piak, helicopters 2, cruise missiles 2 le drones 7 an kap chiat piak fawn, Ukraine ralkap cawlcangnak arak tha bak, Russia ralkap hna an timh ning in an cawlcang kho lo ruang ah hriamnam le ralkap an sung mi atam ngai ko tiah News report nih alanghter mi asi.

Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy nih International Monetary Fund Managing Director Kristalina Georgieva he Ukraine economy sersiam than ding kong an chim pi hna, Norway, Denmark & Iceland hna nih Nordic nations 2 Finland Sweden hna cu fakpi in support an pek hna, “Together with Denmark and Iceland, Norway stands ready to assist its Nordic neighbours by all means necessary should they be the victim of aggression on their territory before obtaining Nato membership.” Tiah hnangam tein um ding ah an chim piak hna khi asi.

Sweden ram nih NATO Alliance joint an tim timi China nih anrak theih ve, Chinese-Finnish relations ‘“new factor” kan hmuh tiah ati, Zhao Lijian, ‘China nih Finland nih NATO joint a tim timi kanrak theih, Sino-Finnish relationship a tha tawn ngai, nain Finland nih NATO Alliance a joint ah cun, ram 2 karlak ah new factor a tuah lai, Finnish journalist nih, Zhao hi a hal ko nain, China nih NATO Alliance hna nih East Europe lei ah an tampi an um hna timi cu, China nih an support ball ai lo tiin a leh, China’s Global Times, editorial ah “The move will result in, most directly, a boom in Nato’s power, forming a new acute challenge to Europe’s security order.” Tiah fiang ngai in arak tial khi asi.

Ukraine ralkap hna nih Kharkhiv Region Russia ramri ah an phan, The Guardian news nih a tar lan ning ah, governor of Ukraine’s Kharkiv region sin in report an ngah mi ah, Ukraine ralkap hna nih Russia ralkap hna cu ramri tiang an dawi hna tiah ati, Reuters report nih cun Kharkiv region governor Oleh Sinegubov report hi fianternak an ngei rih lo, Oleh Sinegubov nih hin Telegram lei ah Ukraine 227th Battalion hna nih ramri ah signboard an tar than khawh ati, “We thank everyone who, risking their lives, liberates Ukraine from Russian invaders,” mah thil hi a dik asi ah cun Ukrainian counter-offensive hi atha ngai tina kasi tiah ati.

Western military agencies hna nih Russia lei nih Donbas zong duh ning in an tei kho lo, Ukraine nih Kharkiv, second-largest Ukrainian city lei ah khua lian tuk lo zei maw zat an lak than fawn cang, Ukraine’s defence ministry nih Facebook post ah ‘227th Battalion of the 127thBrigade of Ukraine’s armed forces had reached the border with Russia, adding: “Together to victory!” tiin an post fawn, Ukraine ralkap hna hi nihin ah an cawlcang ning ah Bawipa nih an umpi asi rua, Russia lei anrak cawlcang kho bak lo, Ukraine ralkap pawl nih nihin ah Russia hriamnam an kah chiat piak mi zong atam ngai ko tiah news report nih alanghter mi asi.

Ukraine & Japan nih agreement $100 million (£82 million) loan pek ding in, Ukraine bawmnak ca ding ah an sign hna cang fawn, Kastus Kalinouski Battalion, Belarusian volunteers hna nih ralkap tampi an sung than tiah, Belarussian news channel nih an phuang, The Kastus Kalinouski Battalion, consisting of Belarusian volunteers fighting for Ukraine, suffered its third loss. In March two other members of the Battalion, Aliaksiej Skoblia and Dzmitry Apanasovich, were killed by Russian occupation forces, Battalion named after Kastus Kalinoŭski Today our Battalion suffered a huge loss. Tiah nihin thawng pang cu Ukraine ralkap hna cawlcang thatnak asi.