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Putin nih Israel sin ah ngaihthiamnak ahal ve taktak ko cang Israel he ral si cu an duh ve bak lo khi asi,

The Times of Israel, Jerusalem Post, The Gurdian le vawlei news outlets dang dang hna nih, President Putin nih Israel PM Bennett sin ah, Russia FM Lavrov Aldof Hitler nih Juda thisen a kai asi e tiah comments a pek ruang ah, Ngaihthiam an hal nak cu news ah tar la nasi, Putin nih President Isaac Herzog sin ah “congratulate” message Israel’s Independence Day denchan in akuat fawn mi asi, “I am confident that Russian-Israeli relations based on the principles of friendship and mutual respect will continue to develop for the benefit of our peoples and in favor of strengthening peace and security in the Middle East” tiin achim.

Russian President Vladimir Putin nih Prime Minister Naftali Bennett sin ah ngaihthiam a hal fawn, prime minister zong nih cu ngaihthiam halnak cu apawm piak ko tiah theih asi, President Putin nih Jewish mipi le Holocaust tuar tu hna lak ah aruah ning fiangtein achim ruang ah, lawmnak bia a chim fawn, ‘The prime minister accepted the apology of President Putin for comments by Lavrov and thanked him for clarifying the president’s view of the Jewish people and the memory of the Holocaust,” Bennett’s office said Sergei Kiriyenko, President Putin’s deputy chief of staff nih May 9 Victory Day Parade, Russia-controlled territories Donetsk & Luhansk ah ngeih asi lai lo tiah achim fawn.

Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskiy, & UK prime minister Boris Johnson, hna ichawnhnak ngei in, UK nih Ukraine hriamnam herh mi hna longer-range weapons supply pek ding chim an si,10 Downing Street spokesperson Ukraine’s president Volodymyr Zelenskiy nih German chancellor Olaf Scholz & president Frank-Walter Steinmeier hna cu  Kyiv tlawng ding in an sawm, Germany’s President Frank-Walter Steinmeier he ichawnh nak angei fawn, Russia cu hriamnam le ralkap an sung mi hna cu amah sung in an sung ko lai, Ukraine cu an sung ko hmanh ah an ram le hriamnam an sung mi hna cu NATO le US nih normal/aning tein an dirthan khawhnak hnga an bwam laic aah, Ukraine ram caah cun lawm lo awk tha lo khi asi.