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Ram pahnih idohnak thawng pang thar ah an zumh bik mi Russia hruaitu aiawh pahnih thah piak bak asi than,

Ram pahnih idohnak thawng pang thar ah an zumh bik mi Russia hruaitu aiawh pahnih thah piak bak asi than,

Russia nih Ukraine hna nih Kherson & Luhansk lei Russia uknak hmun Moscow support tu hna, an thaut/doh tiah puh asi, Kherson central administration building cu “HIMARS” hmang in vawi 5 kah piak tiah ati, March thla in Russia nih Kherson hi an lak cang, Hmun dang ah eastern city of Luhansk, lei ah  pro-Russian prosecutor & deputy hna cu nihin ah khan Ukraine ralkap kut tuar in an thi tiah report asi, Mah hruaitu pahnih hna hi an office ah an um lio ah building hi thuat in fakpi in thil puak asi, tiah The Kremlin news agency Itar ‘Sergey Gorenko prosecutor general Luhansk People’s Republic cu a hmun ah a thi cawlh tiah report asi.

President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s senior adviser, Mikhailo Podolyak, nih Friday thil phan ah Ukraine  kan si lo ati, nain Russia nih an zum lo, Sihmanselaw Russia ralkap cawlcangnak hi arak fuh bal lo khi asi, atu ah hin Russia ralkap hna dirhmun hi thazang ader deuh bantuk in alang, Kherso le Luhansk long hi an control ko cang nain, mah hmun ah hin nihin thil cang zoh tik ah, Russia ralkap hna hi an tim ning in an cwalcang nak hi tlam atling tuk lem lo khi asi rua.

US nih Ukraine Kyiv cu security assistance $600m a pek than ding ah hriamnam le thil dang tel ding mi hna cu: Additional ammunition for high mobility artillery rocket systems (HIMARS) 36,000 105mm, artillery rounds 1,000 precision-guided 155mm artillery rounds, Four counter-artillery radars Four trucks and eight trailers to transport heavy equipment, Counter-unmanned aerial Systems Mine-clearing equipment, Claymore anti-personnel munitions Demolition munitions and equipment, Small arms and ammunition Night-vision devices, cold weather gear, & field equipment, hna hi tel dih ding ah ruahman asi.

Hi ti hin Biden administration nih Kyiv cu $15.8b security assistance an bawmnak hi aphan cang, February 24 in $15.1bn man hrawng pek asi cang, Ukraine nih ram an lak than mi, Izium lei ah mi tampi vuinak Mass graves hmuh chuah thar asi, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskiy nih an tar chuak bak khi asi- Russia “murderers” & “torturers” ati fawn, Exhumation of hundreds of unmarked graves near Izyum. Witnesses confirmed to me that they saw people people being shot on the streets by Russians. Others died from shelling and a lack of access to healthcare. So horrible, I can hardly breath.


Nihin thil pakhat lang than mi cu : Maria Avdeeva (@maria_avdv) September 16, 2022 Zalensky chuahnak le thanchonak khua cu, Russia nih ni 2 liam can ah missile an kah mi, Inhulets river/tiva cu ti thisen ban tuk in arak sen khi asi, Russian-occupied Melitopol, city southern Zaporizhzhia oblast, ah faktuk in bomb puak a um -Ivan Fedorov, mayor of Melitopol, Ni 5 chung in Russian-occupied territory south of Ukraine -Luhansk, Kherson & Berdiansk hna ah, Russia lei hruaitu ah an chiah mi minung 5 an thi fawn tiah report ah langhter asi.

Russai nih cun mi raltha cu tlik/zam can ah tlik/zam mi hi asi tiin a tli peng ko cang, Ã tak tak in adawitu hna nih cun lam dang imer tak lo in an dawi cuah mah vet awn khi asi, Ukraine zong nih an dawi ve peng lio ah Russia nih, Dam an bomb piak, ti tampi achuak/luang ko, minung thuat lo in building ti bantuk le Electrict, Dam/ti khuahnak ti bantuk ah hin kut an thlak tawn ko cu mu Russia ralkap hna nih, ningzahpi awk ngai ngai khi asi ko.

Suimilam 24 chung ah Russia Jet Fighter 4 kah chiat piak tiah report asi, According to recent information from the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the Ukrainian army has shot down four Russian aircraft in the last 24 hours.