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Vawlei cung ah thingkung sang bik record asi Sequoia hyperion redwood California,Russia nih sanction faktuk in an ton cuah mah lio asi,

Ukraine nih Russia cu ISIS nak in an hrang deuh ko ati,

Russia ralkap hna nih Ukraine an chuah taknak hmun dang dang ah mipi an thqahnak hnu hma atam ngai ko, International Criminal Court nih Russia War Crimes cu investigation an kal pi lio fawn, President Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s spokesman Sergey Nikiforov nih BBC’s Sunday Morning show sin ah “Mass Graves tampi a um tiah, mipi kut le ke hren piak in thah asi mi, tampi hmuh ding a um, Mah civilians hna hi rapthlak ngai ngai in thah asi taktak tiah confirm asi, Human Rights Watch (HRW) hna nih “Russian military forces committing laws-of-war violations” – Russian-controlled regions  Chernihiv, Kharkiv, & Kyiv mi, Documentary an lak cuah mah lio asi fawn, Mykolaiv to Kyiv -Kharkiv, second-hand cars, pickup trucks & minivans hna cu, UK Registration numbers asi mi hna an si, idohnak thil chia tamtuk hmuh ding a um.

Ukraine’s foreign minister Dmytro Kuleba, nih Times Radio ah “Russia ralkap hna nih ram a chuah tak hlan ah hin, Civilians tampi an thah hnu ah an chuah tak, Bucha le hmun tampi ah mithi ruak hmuh ding atam ngai an ti, Russia hi ISIS hna nak in arapthlak deuh bak ko tiah ati, We understand they were killing civilians while leaving, while withdrawing, while staying there in this town of Bucha and also in other towns and villages in key regions, but also while withdrawing from them out of anger and just because they wanted to kill. There was no good reason for them. These were not guerrillas; they were not people opposing them. Russia is worse than Isis, full stop.

Vawlei cung ah thingkung sang bik record asi Sequoia hyperion redwood California,

Vawlei cung ah thingkung sang bik record ngeih lio cu, sequoia hyperion redwood, California USA ah um mi hi asi, feet 380 a sang asi, Kum 700-800 karlak hrwang upa asi cang fawn tiah news report ah langhter asi.

Russia nih sanction faktuk in an ton cuah mah lio asi,

Kremlin spokesperson Peskov’s latest statements: Vawlei history ah Sanctions phur rit bik nih Russia an den cuah mah lio asi, Russia nih ruble payment scheme gas ah kan hman lio hi, hmai lei can zong ah mipi nih nichiar in mamawh nak dang ah hman asi lai, Dollar & Euro hi an zumh ngamh ngai ngai ko nain, ram tampi nih an hman khawh lo nak a tam ko lai tiah ati,Western countries hna nih Putin lak ah sanctions an hman ruang ah hin Russia long si lo in ram tampi nih Economy ah harnak kan ton deuh deuh ko laik hi asi.

The Russian MoD’s latest statements on the Ukraine crisis: Russia’s armed forces hna nih High-precision sea & air-launched missiles, hmang in oil refinery & 3 fuel depots, Odessa pawng ah um mi Ukrainian troops hna supply tu kah chiat asi, Russian Aerospace Forces nih  Ukrainian unmanned aerial vehicles 2, Kudryashovka & Shurovka pawng ah um mi an kah piak, Russian Aerospace Forces nih zankhat ah 51 Ukrainian military facilities kah piak,Overall Report- 125 aircraft and 88 helicopters, 383 unmanned aerial vehicles, 221 anti-aircraft missile systems, 1,903 tanks and other armoured combat vehicles, 207 multiple rocket launchers, 805 field artillery and mortars, as well as 1,781 units of special military vehicles have been destroyed since the beginning of the special military operation, tiah an langhter khi asi.

Germany nih Ukraine Army caah Armoured Vehicles a pek ve cang lai,

Germany acoyah nih cun Armoured vehicles supplies rem an ti cang tiah Ukrainian army,  Welt am Sonntag & Spiegel nih an chim, 58 “PbV-501” infantry armoured vehicles GDR hna anrak hman tawn mi, atu ah Czech company hna tuah mi an si, German media tar lan ning in “PbV-501” infantry armoured vehicles hi 2019 ah khan Ukraine sin ah zuar tim asi cang nain Russia thinhun sual lai tiah Germany nih an blocked kha asi atu ah rem an ti piak cang, Armoured fighting vehicles “PbV-501” are equipped with cannons and machine guns and were a common representative of the Warsaw Treaty Organization armies’ military vehicles

Vawlei tang Catacombs Ukraine puk cu,

Vawlei tang puk sau ngai hi apeh dih thluahmah mi asi, mah hi Ukraine nih angei mi hna cu, Kyiv, Odesa, Kharkiv,etc hna ah um mi asi, kilometre tampi sau khi asi, Biaknak lei thil ah kum 1050 hrawng in anrak cawh cang mi asi, Ralpi lio ah khan Ukraine pawl nih san tlai ngai ngai in anrak hmang cang tiah theih asi, atu idohnak zong ah hin mipi tampi nih an hmang tiah an ti.