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Vawlei nuamhnak Lawng lian bik “Super Yatch” Russian mirum pakhat ta German nih tlaih piak than cang,

German federal police hna chim ning in Wednesday ah khan Russian lawnglian vawlei ah Lianbik cu, Port Of Hamburg ah an tlaih/hren piak tiah an chim, mah lawng hi, Gulbakhor Ismailova, Russian billionaire, Alisher Usmanov-unau nu  ta asi, March thla ah khan U.S. lei nih Usmanov hi anrak sanctioned fawn cang kha asi, mah lawng ah hin helipad pahnih a um pin ah, vawlei cung ah lawng um cang vialte chung ah nuam tuahnak ti-thleuh nak (pool) ngei lian bik asi, mah long asi rih lo, mikhual tlunkhawh nak ding ah room 36 a um, staff riantuantu hna room 94 a um fawn, Bloomberg Billionaires Index lei nih an tuak ning ah, Usmanov-rumnak hi $19.1 billion hrawng bak asi, vawlei cung ah mirum thimnak chung ah tel in 86 nak dirhmun ah dir mi asi.

Ni sawmnga pakhat chung idoh nak thawng pang West pawl nih Ukraine hriamnam an pek mi khawzei ram hna nih dah a pek?

The West began to help Ukraine more actively with weapons:Slovakia provided the S-300 air defense system a pek cang,

Estonia handed over another batch of weapons, which included howitzers, anti-tank mines, guns, grenade launchers, hand grenades and small arms, hna tampi abawm cang fawn,

Australia delivered the first Bushmaster armored vehicles to Ukraine hna abawm fawn cang,

US nih abawm cang mi hna cu atamtuk ko cang khi asi, The United States sent 100 Switchblade kamikaze drones to Ukraine. And will also provide Ukraine with reconnaissance UAVs RQ-20 Puma. They also stated that Ukraine will have 10 anti-tank systems for every Russian tank. Will supply 70 highly mobile wheeled vehicles and other vehicles.

UK ram nih abawm mi hi turu taktak khi asi, van lawng le tank kah nak hi Ukraine nih san tlai ngai ngai in an hmang khawh cang,The United Kingdom will provide Ukraine with weapons worth a total of 100 million pounds, including Starstreak MANPADS, 800 anti-tank missiles and high-precision ammunition. Mastiff armored vehicles will also be sent.

Czech ram zong nih abawm mi hriamnam hi atha taktak mi asi, The Czech Republic sent to Ukraine the first T-72M1 tanks, as well as BMP-1.

Ukraine abawm mi ram hna cu atang lei hna hi asi, In addition to the listed countries, the following are helping to arm Ukraine: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Germany, Finland, Sweden, Norway, Belgium, Netherlands, Canada, Denmark, Croatia, Italy hna nih Ukraine ram hi hraiman ah siseh, ei/din le medical lei thil tampi an bawm cang hna khi asi.

Mah an bawm mi hriamnam hna hi cu bantuk kha bantuk tiah an thanh lo hmanh ah hriamnam tha taktak mi asi timi cu afiang ngai ko, A number of supplies of modern weapons are not yet advertised, but let it be a surprise for the rashists, who will not even understand how they are being eliminated. Not everything is disclosed, because you need to take into account the wishes of allies, someone advertises his support, someone – on the contrary prefers to help quietly without details. Everyone works for the result. And we thank all the allies. New military alliances are being formed around Ukraine, not regulated by bureaucratic procedures, but based on friendly relations and understanding of the situation.

Ukrine lei ralkap hna zong nih rian an tuan, mipi zong nih rian an tuan, Staffs hna zong nih rian an tuan mah le phak tawk ceu in ram caah rian tuan asi, The Ukrainian army is working, diplomats are working, volunteers are working – we are all working for victory, so that everything was 4.5.0 and Glory to Ukraine!

Rilipi chung ah a pil taktak ko cang mah lawng hi Russia Defence Ministry nih confirm bak asi cang,

Ukraine nih Russia raldohnak lawnglian Ton 12,450 rit million tampi man asi mi cu, an bomb piak ruang ah rilipi ah apil bak ko cang tiah an mah Russian Defence Ministry lei zong nih confirm asi, mah lawng hi Ukraine lei nih Neptune missile hmang an kah mi asi, Moskva class hi air defence le radar hna ngeih asi, Ukraine missile ruang ah pil asi taktak ah cun, Russia caah cun ningzah khi asi, Russia hi an cawlcang ning hi afuh tuk lem lo tawn khi asi, Russia nih cun missile kah si lo in meikhang asi ati, cu hmanh ah Russia hi safely standard ah an niam ngai tina kasi thiamthiam ko, amak ngai nak cu minchiatnak le mualpho nak long asi tawn hi asi, ram hme tuk mi Ukraine lak ah mualpho tawn cu ningzah tling bak asi.